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Four Wheel Pop-up Camper: Hawk (or Kestrel) Model

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Four Wheel Pop-up Camper: Hawk (or Kestrel) Model

Four Wheel Pop-up Camper

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The Bottom Line

Four-wheel Campers are the best for people looking for a pop-up that can withstand the toughest off-road conditions and still provide all the comforts of a camper. The Hawk Model is built to fit most full size, short-bed trucks and is wider than other Four Wheel models.


  • Lightweight and a low profile design.
  • The wider model offers more interior space.
  • Great interior design allows for optimum use of space.
  • The easy-lift roof system is efficient to set-up and withstands snow and wind.


  • Four Wheel Campers are expensive and difficult to find used (because people love them so much).
  • There is no indoor shower or toilet option.


  • Dry Weight: 695 lbs
  • Adult Sleeping: 3-4
  • Height Down (including vent): 59”
  • Extended Interior Height: 6’6”
  • Roof Length: Std.112”/ Ext.129”
  • Roof/Wall Framing: Aluminum
  • Floor Length: 80 inches
  • Exterior Material: Aluminum
  • Body Width: 80 inches
  • Fresh-Water Capacity: 22 Gallons

Guide Review - Four Wheel Pop-up Camper: Hawk (or Kestrel) Model

If you are considering upgrading to a Four Wheel Camper, realize that your purchase will invite many other campers to approach your camp and take a look inside, or they might want to just talk about pop-ups (for hours). People are curious and rightfully want to make an informed decision before making the big purchase.

If you are looking for a pop-up camper to put on the back of a truck, Four Wheel Campers make the best designs on the market. The Hawk model is designed to fit a newer full-size truck and is the newer design of the older Kestrel model, which was designed to fit an older style full-size truck (like a 2002 Tundra).

Even though Four Wheel makes the lightest pop-up campers on the market, you might want to consider beefing up the rear suspension on your truck to compensate for the added weight. The all welded aluminum flex frame is not only lightweight, but also constructed to handle rugged off-road terrain. With a Four Wheel Camper, you can get to remote camping destinations without having to worry about your camper falling apart.

The Hawk (or Kestrel) is six-inches wider than other Four Wheel models, offering more interior space without too much added outside bulk. While the extra space isn’t necessary, it is nice to have the bed sleep width-wise, so that the kitchen is still accessible while the bed is pulled out (breakfast in bed!). The lower pullout double bed is great for extra company or a luxurious dog bed.

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my favorite camping rig, Member Mad.ChefoftheForest

I like to be warm & toasty (even in a blizzard) & watch movies at night in my deluxe Alaknak Outfitter tent from Cabelas. Throw another log on the fire & drink some hot chocolate...deluxe camping experience.

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