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Grill Thing Hot Dog Holder

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Grill Thing - hotdog holder

Grill Thing Hotdog and Marshmallow Holder

The Bottom Line

The Grill Thing is the perfect replacement for a sharpened stick. It is a small stainless steel tool that fits on almost any wood stick and securely holds hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire. The Grill Thing is small, durable, and economical.


  • holds hot dogs securely
  • made of durable stainless steel
  • fits almost any stick
  • reusable and economical
  • cleans easily


  • tool will be hot when used over a fire, it must be allowed to cool before handling
  • should be used by children only with adult supervision
  • when not in use it should be kept out of the reach of children


  • hotdog and marshmallow holder
  • stainless steel
  • compact
  • reusable
  • economical

Guide Review - Grill Thing Hot Dog Holder

The Grill Thing is a clever tool that any camper ought to have in their chuckbox. This Swedish invention allows you to roast hot dogs over a campfire without them slipping off and falling into the campfire. It works for marshmallows too.

Per the instructions, I squeezed the prongs just a little while putting on a hot dog. When I let go, the tension of the prongs expanding, along with the flared ends, kept the hot dog in place. No longer did I have to hunt for a fallen tree branch to sharpen. The Grill Thing fits on almost any wood stick. I don't like cutting down tree limbs at the campground, so I used some fat dowel rods that I bought at a hardware store beforehand. I soaked these in a bucket of water before attaching a Grill Thing to the wet end. I reasoned that being wet would help to prevent the sticks from burning when used over the campfire.

When the hot dogs and marshmallows were done the Grill Thing was quite hot so I used a fork to scrape them off onto a plate. The Grill Thing easily wiped off with a paper towel at the campsite. I still gave them a bath in the dishwasher when we returned home, and they were good as new and ready for the next campfire. This is a handy gadget that is great for camping. You can buy them online at Grill Thing.

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