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Life+Gear 6-in-1 Personal Safety Device

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Life+Gear 6-in-1 Personal Safety Device (photo © Life+Gear Company)

Life+Gear 6-in-1 PSD

photo © Life+Gear Company

The Bottom Line

The Life+Gear 6-in-1 Personal Safety Device is a dynamo powered device that gets its energy from hand cranking. A handy device for emergencies and disaster situations, as well as outdoor use. Includes a bright LED flashlight, emergency flasher, compass, cell phone charger, FM radio and siren. Cost: $34.95.


  • needs no batteries
  • uses five ultra-bright LEDs
  • has multiple emergency uses


  • no analog FM tuner (digital scan only)


  • uses 5 bright LEDs
  • cell phone charger
  • FM radio
  • signal flasher
  • emergency 120 decibel siren
  • directional compass
  • never needs batteries
  • MSRP: $34.95

Guide Review - Life+Gear 6-in-1 Personal Safety Device

This flashlight from Life+Gear is similar to other hand crank devices I've tested in the past. It uses 5 bright LEDS. One click of the switch turns on 1 LED, another click turns on 5 LEDs, and a third click turns on the emergency flasher using 5 LEDs. All settings worked fine, and the brightness was adequate at full charge. Of course, as the charge goes down, so does the brightness. A quick crank and it's back to full brightness. Although the product documentation says that 1 minute of cranking will power the flashlight for 1 hour, I found it to be more like 30 minutes. The same amount of cranking powered the radio for 8 minutes or the siren for 8 minutes. I don't own a cell phone, so I didn't test the cell phone charging capabilities. The device came with a Nokia adapter, or you can get a free adapter of your choice from their site. The FM radio works only in scan mode, so you can't tune directly to a particular frequency. Supposedly, the digital display near the radio controls is for showing the radio channel you have tuned to, but the display didn't work on mine. The Life+Gear 6-in-1 SafetyLight may have its uses, but expect to do a lot of cranking. This model is not waterproof, it's a bit bulky for your pocket, and there is no way to attach a cord to it for securing it to your belt or pack. Also, there is no 12V DC input, so the only way to charge this model is by cranking.
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