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Decathlon's Quechua 2-Second Tent

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Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Tent

Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Tent

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The Bottom Line

Decathlon's Quechua 2-Second Tent is the quickest and easiest 2-person tent to set up that I have ever tried. There is no assembly required. Remove the tent from it's carrying sack, toss it in the air, and it is ready to use. Not a roomy tent, but adequate for two campers. This tent is constructed of quality materials, it is light enough to use for backpacking, and it is economical at less than $100. (Decathlon has gone out of business.)


  • 2-second setup - just toss it in the air
  • built-in fiberglass pole
  • factory sealed seams
  • windproof and flame retardant shell
  • economical - less than $100


  • no stake loops, consequently tent does not lay flat
  • cramped with two campers


  • Dimensions: 8' x 4'9" oval x 3' center height.
  • Weight: 7 lbs. 11 oz.
  • Stuff size: 33" diameter x 4" thick.
  • Ventilation: this tent has breathable walls, 1 top vent, and 2 side vents.
  • Capacity: 2 adults plus room for gear.
  • Features: integrated solid fiberglass pole and rain fly.
  • Wall material: 1500mm polyurethane coated polyester.
  • Floor material: 2000mm polyethylene.
  • Durability: windproof up to 400 lbs. of wind thrust and flame retardant.
  • Available colors: red/orange, red, blue and camouflage.

Guide Review - Decathlon's Quechua 2-Second Tent

The Quechua 2-Second Tent arrived in a thin box about 4 inches thick and 3 foot square. It came in a nice carrying sack, which had straps and buckles that could be used to carry it on a backpack. When backpacking, the tent will stick out somewhat, so caution is required when carrying it on narrow trails so as to avoid snags on nearby rocks and tree limbs. After removing it from its sack, I tested it out. Sure enough, just a quick toss in the air and the tent opened upright, ready to use. It also packed up easily in about 15 seconds. The large door made it easy to get in and out of. Ventilation is satisfactory. There are four guy lines attached to the tent walls, but no stake loops to secure the floor. Although the interior looks adequate for two campers, it did not accommodate my two Kirkham oversize sleeping pads nor my Slumberjack Bonnie and Clyde double sleeping bag. Obviously, there was little room for storing any extra gear. If you had two closed-cell pads and mummy bags, there would probably be enough room for two campers. Since I car camp, I prefer to sleep comfortably, thus the oversize bedding. Consequently, I need a roomier tent than the Quechua. Also, using this tent with a ground cloth would be difficult, since you can't stake the tent. I camp every year on the windy outer banks of North Carolina. I've seen tents with their guy lines ripped from the ground go sailing across the cactus covered dunes. I wouldn't consider using this tent there without any stakes.
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