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Selk 'bag - Sleep Wear System by Lippi

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Lippi Selk 'bag

Lippi Selk 'bag

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The Bottom Line

A new concept (a sleeping bag with arms, legs and a hood), the Selk 'bag Sleep Wear System by Lippi retains the functionality of a traditional sleeping bag, but allows you to move your legs and arms apart freely, thus creating a multi-functioning sleeping bag, mummy suit and blanket all in one. It is well constructed of quality materials and comes in sizes to fit people from 5'5" to 6'4". Bag #1 is rated for 49˚F down to 32˚F. Bag #2 is rated for 47˚F down to 14˚F. MSRP: bag #1 - $149, bag #2 - $229.


  • a sleeping bag with arms, legs and a hood
  • very comfortable to sleep in
  • allows mobility while wearing


  • more expensive than comparable sleeping bags
  • only 3 sizes available - a good fit is questionable


  • Temperature Ratings: bag #1 - 49˚F to 32˚F; bag #2 - 47˚F down to 14˚F
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs (M); 3.8 lbs (L); 4.5 lbs (XL)
  • Size: 62”x68” (M); 72”x78” (L); 80”x86” (XL). Carry Size: 13”x8” (M); 13.5”x8” (L); 14”x8” (XL)
  • Materials: nylon taffeta shell, micro-fiber polyester insulation, reinforced nylon soles
  • YKK zippers
  • Stuff sack included
  • MSRP: bag #1 - $149, bag #2 - $229

Guide Review - Selk 'bag - Sleep Wear System by Lippi

I was apprehensive about the wearability of the Selk 'bag by Lippi, but when it arrived I soon changed my opinion. It packs small enough to be carried on your backpack, although it is a little heavier than a typical sleeping bag that a backpacker might use. There are 3 sizes available: 62”x68” (M); 72”x78” (L); 80”x86” (XL). I'm 5'10" and I got a medium bag, which just fit, although a little snug. Had I ordered the large, I'd be contending with 12 extra inches of bag. Other reviewers have noted that the extra length makes the bag sag too much and the material around the feet tends to slip. They remedied this problem by wearing a belt to hold the bag up.

Getting into the bag is no problem, but I can't imagine wearing clothes while using this bag. I tried it wearing just my undies, and it was very comfortable. I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, and the Selk 'bag did not give me problems I usually have trying to turn over in my sleep. The bag fits not unlike bib overalls. You put your legs in, pull the hood over your head, and zip up the front panel to enclose yourself in the bag. There are zippered vents at the knees, a zippered opening at the waste so you can get into your right pocket, an adjustable draw string on the hood, and reversible hand-zippers.

Lippi Selk 'bags come in various colors, and they can be ordered online at Amazon.com.

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