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Solio Universal Hybrid Portable Solar Charger

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Solio Universal Hybrid Portable Solar Charger

Solio Solar Charger

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The Bottom Line

The Solio Portable Solar Charger is a must have gadget for any outdoor adventurer who travels with electronics. It gathers energy from the sun and then stores it in an internal battery for quick charging of your electronic gear. I have several electronic toys that are rechargable, but I hate when the batteries run dead while away from a power source. The Solio can meet the power needs of most portable electronics, and it charges anything that uses a USB connection, most cell phones, and other electronics that use standard connections. MSRP: $100.00
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  • accepts power from the sun or a wall socket
  • contains a rechargeable internal battery
  • power tips for most products included
  • eliminates the need for multiple chargers
  • folds to compact size


  • some adapters must be purchased separately


  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.3 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Rated output: 4-12V / 1 Amp
  • Solar panel output: 155mA @ 6V
  • Internal battery: rechargeable 3.6 volts, 1600mAh lithium-ion
  • Wall charger: 6v / 420 mAh Global travel adapter
  • MSRP: $100.00 (you can find one online for $80.00)

Guide Review - Solio Universal Hybrid Portable Solar Charger

The Solio Portable Solar Charger is another piece of electronic gear that I've purchased to take on camping and fishing trips. This charger works great. I used it on a recent trip to charge my digital camera, flashlight batteries, GPS, iPod, weather radio and a friend's cell phone. It folds to a compact size and easily fits in your backpack, glove box or tackle box. The Solio has an internal battery, so when you're not charging a device, the Solio is charging itself. The internal battery, when fully charged, has enough power to recharge a cell phone twice. So the Solio can be used even on cloudy days. If you're a gadget freak, put one of these on your wish list.
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User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Re: 'Purchased 2 Different Products..., Member PlanetGreen

I was taken/liked the design of Solio but I would like to voice my slightly disappointed views on your Solio product & hope will help to make better improvements for future customers. My criticism is mainly on the lack of Adapters to charge certain Devices, which I have found annoying. I say annoying because before I purchased of Solio, I also bought another Travel Solar Panel product. This was the Freeloader charger. I think the Solio product greatly falls down on the Freeloader product in that the Freeloader has much more adapters supplied with it when bought. With the Freeloader with the supplied adapters straight away gave me option to charge 2 Devices I use regular basis. This was 1. Nokia Mobile Phone (Only basic phone). 2. A rechargeable Hair Clipper to a full charge. Having purchased the Solio product, with eagerness to try it out, I found none of the Adapters supplied was helpful to me! I was hoping purchasing of Solio product I would be able use straight away as with other Solar Panel product mentioned beforehand. I think what I have stated really lets Solio own to be a 1st class product and also lack of accessories like a protective pouch or something to cause less damage to Solio with carrying around.

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