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Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater

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Courtesy of The Coleman Company, Inc.

Coleman® SportCat™ Heater

Courtesy of The Coleman Company, Inc.

The Bottom Line

The Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater is a safe, convenient way to warm your tent on those chilly nights. A single 16 oz. propane cylinder can provide heat for up to 14 hours at 1,500 BTU. It's easy to carry, and it comes with a sturdy stand. SRP $38.00 and $43.00 (with electronic ignition)
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  • the SportCat is a safe heater for tents
  • built-in handle makes it easy to carry
  • heats up to 14 hours on one fuel cylinder
  • includes a stable, detachable stand


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  • safe heater for tents
  • uses 16 oz. propane cylinders SRP $3.00
  • stable base stand included
  • integrated handle for easy carrying
  • adjustable heat control knob
  • available with or without electronic ignition
  • Also available: SurvivalCat (800 BTU), BlackCat, ProCat (with fan), XtremeCat (backpacking)
  • Soft Carry Case available holds heater and two propane cylinders SRP $20.00

Guide Review - Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater

There's no need to stop camping just because the temperatures have cooled down. Check out the Coleman catalytic heaters. They make several models, but I particularly like the SportCat with electronic ignition. These are safe for indoor use, and they burn on propane. The flameless catalytic process is what differentiates catalytic heaters from other propane appliances. Don't be confused like I was in thinking that it's the fuel that burns clean, because it's actually the platinum in the heating unit reacting with the burning propane that results in little, if any, harmful gas emissions. The SportCat is rated at 1500 BTU and burns up to 14 hours on a canister of fuel for about $40. It includes an integrated handle and a sturdy stand. I also like the ProCat model, which has a built-in fan, but it requires batteries. The ProCat produces 3,000 BTU and burns for 8 hours on a canister of fuel for about $80. Coleman also makes a carrying bag (about $20), which holds your heater and two propane cylinders. For safety sake follow the manufacturers guidelines for using this heater in your tent, and be sure to always allow for adequate ventilation to compensate for the oxygen being used by the heater.
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User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Great little heater for it's intended use., Member silverlion7473

I purchased the model without the igniter(things never last). Out of the box, it had a slight odor when first lit.(this lasted about 5 minutes). Took a short while to get hot, but when it did it got hot. I have read reviews elsewhere that bash it's ability to heat up a tent. I have a 3 room tent and it will heat up a room quite comfortably when it's 20 degrees out. You will not be wearing shorts, but you are not freezing either. You will not be able to heat an entire 9x 17 tent with it as people tend to expect. If you read the BTU rating of the heater, you will not be misled into thinking it will heat a large area. I used 3 in my tent(one for each room) and we stayed warm. Be sure to allow for a little venting as this heater does deplete oxygen. I have used it many times and I still have a pulse. Carbon Monixide is not a worry unless you lock yourself in a small closet and burn a few cylinders of propane through it. All in all, this is a great heater for the price as long as you understand the BTU output. I have 3 of them and will recomment this to anyone that asks about it. Coleman built another winner in my opinion.

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