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Campground Cooking

A variety of camping recipes submitted by visitors to the camping site at About.com and other outdoor cooking resources.
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Favorite Campground Cooking Method
Nominate your favorite way to campground cook for a 2012 Readers' Choice Award.

15 Essential Items for Dutch Oven Cooking
Want to try dutch oven cooking at the campground? Here are a few tips and essential tools for dutch oven cooking -- because everything tastes better cooked on the campfire and under the stars.

Secrets of Campground Cooking
Campground cooking is not difficult. Using a few shortcuts and workarounds, your camping meals can be exciting and delicious.

Kids' Favorite Camp Foods
Camping trips with your kids requires some good meal planning so that you don't pack more than you really need. You know what they'll eat. If they are picky eaters, plan to make your kids' favorite camp foods. If they'll eat anything, than check out some of these camping recipes sent in by parents who said their kids loved it.

Top Foil-Wrapped Recipes
Foil-wrap recipes are easy, require few cooking utensils, and leave little to cleanup. They can easily be adjusted to feed one person or a crowd. All you need is some foil and a charcoal grill or campfire. Here are popular foil-wrap recipes, including some for breakfast, dinner, and even dessert.

Top 10 Hamburger Recipes
Hamburgers are one of the staples at many campsites, but many great recipes also use hamburger as their main ingredient. Want to try something different than just a burger on a bun? Check out these popular hamburger recipes sent in from fellow campers.

Top 10 Hotdog Recipes
When I think of camping, I have visions of sitting around a campfire roasting hotdogs on a stick. But hotdogs can be the main ingredient in other recipes too. Want to try something different than a hotdog on a bun? Check out these popular hotdog recipes sent in by fellow campers. And don't limit yourself to plain hotdogs. Try substituting metts, brats, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, or Kielbasa.

Top 10 S'mores Recipes
S'mores recipe variations for this popular camping treat.

Top 10 Camping Recipes for Summer
Food always tastes great at the campground. If you're like me, you like to try different foods from time to time. Here are the ten most popular outdoor recipes, which were sent in by fellow campers. Give any one of these a try!

Top 10 Camping Recipes for Summer
Here are the most popular camping recipe searches. Find delicious and easy recipes in any of these categories.

My Favorite Recipes
Here are some of my favorite camping recipes.

Ziploc Omelets Are Not Recommended
Why you shouldn't cook with Ziploc bags. SC Johnson does not recommend boiling with Ziploc bags.

Adventure Egg Anywhere Scrambles
Adventure Egg Anywhere Scrambles is a convenient way to enjoy real eggs without fear of breakage or spoilage.

5 Tips for Easy Campground Cooking
Campground cooking doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, campground cooking can be quick and easy, yet delicious with a few basic preparations.

Favorite Dutch Oven Recipes
There is something about Dutch oven cooking that is so authentic of the camping experience. Plan an entire day of meals around Dutch oven cooking with a few of our favorite Dutch oven recipes for the campground.

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