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Foil-Wrapped Recipes


Foil-wrapped recipes are easy, require few cooking utensils, and leave little to cleanup. They can easily be adjusted to feed one person or a crowd. If you're cooking outdoors, all you need is some foil and a charcoal grill or campfire. If you're cooking at home, just pop the foil pack in the oven. Below are numerous foil-wrapped recipes using various primary ingredients.

1. Beef

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Campfire Hobo Stew, a camping recipe from S.A. Lee. This is an easy, economical and healthy recipe. We usually set up the ingredients buffet style and then form an assembly line.

2. Chicken

Campfire Comfort Chicken, a camping recipe from Patty. This recipe will make anyone enjoy the comfort of a warm fire, and help bring a family together.

3. Fish

Grilled Rainbow Trout, a camping recipe from Reba. This is our son's favorite camping recipe. He usually eats 2-3 trout at one meal. If we all catch our limit, we usually have other campers who are happy to join us for a meal. Hope you like it.

4. Ground Beef

Foil Packs, a camping recipe from Cindi Stokes. Our scouts do this recipe the first night of every camping trip.

5. Pork

Ham, a camping recipe from Kelly Harbert. This recipe is easy, quick, and so much better than the usual hotdogs and hamburgers most campers have for dinner.

6. Potatoes

Campfire Baked Potato, a camping recipe from Cody561. This recipe makes an awesome baked potato.

7. Sausages / Hot Dogs

Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya, a camping recipe from JRzMom. I served this at last year's family camping reunion and got rave reviews. There wasn't a lick of it leftover and, since I prepared it all at home, there was nothing to clean up!

8. Vegetables

Campfire Corn on the Cob, a camping recipe from D Wilgus. My kids love this recipe when we go camping. It is so easy and the corn will be really tender. It is a cheap and easy side dish for a campfire meal.
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