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Top 10 Hotdog Recipes


When I think of camping, I have visions of sitting around a campfire roasting hotdogs on a stick. But hotdogs can be the main ingredient in other recipes too. Want to try something different than a hotdog on a bun? Check out these popular hotdog recipes sent in by fellow campers. And don't limit yourself to plain hotdogs. Try substituting metts, brats, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, or Kielbasa.

1. Coney Islands

Just grill or roast your hotdogs over the campfire, place them on a bun, and top with a dab of mustard, chili, cheese, and onions. Other favorite toppings include sauerkraut, relish, and catsup.

2. Spiders

Here's a novel way to prepare hotdogs and the kids really like them. Submitted by Girl Scout Troop #149: Easy clean up. Great for the last meal before breaking camp.

3. Shlagosh

Submitted by Dan Kapelus. This delicacy was concocted on the last night of a winter trip as we wanted to eat the remaining food, so we threw it all together.

4. Tortilla Dogs

Submitted by Capt. Kirk. Try this for a different taste!

5. Beanie Weenie Casserole

Submitted by Rebecca Bishop. This is something I ate as a child and now serve to my family. I'm also a cook at a campsite now and have found it's a big hit whenever it's served. This recipe can be done on the stove or over a fire.

6. Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

Submitted by JRzMom. I served this at last year's family camping reunion and got rave reviews. There wasn't a lick of it leftover and, since I prepared it all at home, there was nothing to clean up!

7. Big Weenie Taters and Beans

Submitted by Bruce Hilbert. We used to cook this at home, all separately for dinner. One night it just struck us that it would make a great camp meal, if we just put it all in one pot. Cleanup is a breeze too! (If you don't burn it.)

8. Beans o' Fire

Submitted by Rodney Jordan. The ingredients in this recipe may be varied somewhat. The flavor comes primarily from the sausage. It is not very hot. If you want some heat, use a hot chili seasoning with Jalapeno peppers instead of the banana peppers.

9. Sausage, Potatoes and Beans

Submitted by Madeleine Newcomb. Don't forget to make a batch of corn bread at home, wrap in foil, and toss in your campfire while the beans are cooking. This is always our first meal in the great outdoors.

10. Deltadog's Beans and Franks

Slice some hotdogs (or other type sausage), add to your favorite baked beans, and simply heat and serve, or try Deltadog's spiced up version.

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