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Top 5 Provincial Parks in Canada


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The Best Canadian Provincial Parks for Camping
Top 5 Provincial Parks in Canada

Couple sitting by their camper on the lakeshore in Muncho Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia.

© Tourism BC/Albert Normandin

Each province in Canada has hundreds of provincial parks to explore the great outdoors. There are so many provincial parks in Canada that the recreation and camping opportunities seem endless.

There are more than 1,000 parks to discover in Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories. That’s a lot of nature for outdoors lovers to explore in Canada! About Camping Readers’ nominated their favorites and it was highly competitive, but only the best parks came out on top. Canadians sure are passionate about their parks!

Read about the best in camping and find which Provincial Park in Canada won top honors in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

The Top 5 Canadian National Parks: Algonquin, Ontario | Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia | Dinosaur, Alberta | Ivanhoe, Ontario | Mount Robson, British Columbia

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