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Where to Camp

Find great private and public campgrounds in every state.
  1. Alabama Campgrounds (5)
  2. Alaska Campgrounds (5)
  3. Arizona Campgrounds (5)
  4. Arkansas Campgrounds (5)
  5. California Campgrounds (5)
  6. Colorado Campgrounds (5)
  7. Connecticut Campgrounds (5)
  8. Delaware Campgrounds (5)
  9. Florida Campgrounds (5)
  10. Georgia Campgrounds (5)
  11. Hawaii Campgrounds (5)
  12. Idaho Campgrounds (5)
  13. Illinois Campgrounds (5)
  14. Indiana Campgrounds (5)
  15. Iowa Campgrounds (5)
  16. Kansas Campgrounds (5)
  17. Kentucky Campgrounds (5)
  18. Louisiana Campgrounds (5)
  19. Maine Campgrounds (5)
  20. Maryland Campgrounds (5)
  21. Massachusetts Campgrounds (5)
  22. Michigan Campgrounds (5)
  23. Minnesota Campgrounds (5)
  24. Mississippi Campgrounds (5)
  25. Missouri Campgrounds (5)
  26. Montana Campgrounds (5)
  27. Nebraska Campgrounds (5)
  28. Nevada Campgrounds (5)
  29. New Hampshire Campgrounds (5)
  30. New Jersey Campgrounds (5)
  31. New Mexico Campgrounds (5)
  32. New York Campgrounds (5)
  33. North Carolina Campgrounds (5)
  34. North Dakota Campgrounds (5)
  35. Ohio Campgrounds (5)
  36. Oklahoma Campgrounds (5)
  37. Oregon Campgrounds (5)
  38. Pennsylvania Campgrounds (5)
  39. Rhode Island Campgrounds (5)
  40. South Carolina Campgrounds (5)
  41. South Dakota Campgrounds (5)
  42. Tennessee Campgrounds (5)
  43. Texas Campgrounds (5)
  44. Utah Campgrounds (5)
  45. Vermont Campgrounds (5)
  46. Virginia Campgrounds (5)
  47. Washington Campgrounds (5)
  48. West Virginia Campgrounds (5)
  49. Wisconsin Campgrounds (5)
  50. Wyoming Campgrounds (5)

Top 5 US States for Camping
Colorado, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico and New york are scenically diverse, yet they all offer rugged and natural outdoors adventure. These five states have been voted by About.com readers as the best camping destination in the United States.

National Park Campgrounds
Within the National Park System there are hundreds of parks, recreation areas, and other facilities; and within these parks are over one hundred campgrounds open to the public.

Best U.S. State Parks for Camping
Burton Island, Vermont; Huntington Beach, South Carolina; Koke`e, Kauai, Hawaii; Montaña de Oro, California; and Steamboat Lake, Colorado were nominated as the best U.S. state parks for camping.

National Forest Campgrounds
Campers have available ten's of thousands of campsites at over 1,700 locations managed by the USDA Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation.

State Park Campgrounds
The state park systems offer opportunities for everyone to get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature. No matter where you live, there's usually a state park within a short distance from your home.

US Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds
The Army Corps of Engineers are familiar to most of us from their involvement in dam construction to control river flows, build lake reservoirs, and produce hydroelectric power. Part of their charter is to also open up these river and lakeside areas to the public and provide recreation opportunities for fishing, boating and camping.

Bureau of Land Management Campgrounds
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for land, mineral, and wildlife management on millions of acres of US land. With over one-eighth of the US land mass under their control, the BLM also has plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities to offer.

Private Campgrounds and RV Parks
Private campgrounds, unlike the many public campgrounds that are maintained by the government, are owned and operated by private individuals or businesses. Consequently, each campground must be evaluated on its own merits.

Campground Rating Systems
A guide to the AAA, Trailer Life, Wheelers and Woodall's campground ratings.

Plan A Camping Trip
Resources to help you find a campground and plan your next camping trip.

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