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Plan A Camping Trip


The planning of any camping trip begins with the desire to get outdoors. Once you have the itch to go camping, you'll only need to pick a date, find a campground, choose a route, prepare your gear, go grocery shopping and head out. Sounds simple huh? It actually is, and it gets easier with each subsequent trip to the campground. Whether you're a new camper or a veteran, these articles and resources will help you plan your next camping trip.
  1. Where To Go Camping
  2. Top Outdoor Destinations
  3. Plan a Backcountry Camping Trip
  4. RV Camping Resources and Tips
  1. Is This Your First Camping Trip?
  2. Making Trip Preparations
  3. Setting Up Camp
  4. After a Camping Trip

Where To Go Camping

There are two types of campgrounds: private and public. Both have their advantages, but finding a good one can be hard. These articles and resources will help you find a campground that's right for you.

Top Outdoor Destinations

Campers love the great outdoors, pristine natural environments and the adventures that inspire in the wild. We've explored and found some of the best outdoor destinations for campers.

Plan a Backcountry Camping Trip

Backcountry camping, or backpacking, is essentially the combination of hiking and camping in the wilderness. Don't let the unfamiliar landscape or worries of being in the wild keep you from going backpacking.

RV Camping Resources and Tips

Your RV is your home away from home. Get started planning your next RV escape with these resources.

Is This Your First Camping Trip?

So you've decided to go camping. Good for you! The first thing you should learn is that camping is about being prepared. With that in mind, here is information that will help you to get ready for your first camping trip.

Making Trip Preparations

Do you need a checklist to make sure you've packed all your gear? The following articles and resources will help you when you're planning a camping trip and could use some ideas on what you need to take.

Setting Up Camp

Now that you have chosen your site, it's time to set up camp. Once your gear is arranged, familiarize yourself with the campground and its facilities. Time to settle in and get comfortable, you're there.

After a Camping Trip

The ride home after a camping trip can be long, particularly when you have a hot shower and cozy bed waiting there for you. Before relaxing, there are some final chores that need to be done.

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