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Do any northwest US beaches allow overnight camping?


Question: Do any northwest US beaches allow overnight camping?

Do you know of any beaches in Oregon or Washington that allow fires and overnight camping? I know of the many campgrounds in these areas, but cannot find any answers about camping right on the beach. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


If I were looking for a place to camp along the beach I'd investigate the state parks. Have you checked out the Oregon state parks along the coast. Go to the Oregon park search page where you can specify campground criteria. Click a coastal region in section 1, skip section 2, select settings "camping", "tent" and "beach". This brings up seven or eight possibilities and some are right next to the beach. I don't know anyplace that let's you sleep right on the beach, but if you are awake and sitting around a campfire (where permitted) you should not be bothered. Be sure to check any beach rules before starting a campfire.

Next, check out the Washington state parks along the south and north coast. Again, lots of choices of campgrounds next to the beach.

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