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How do you handle loud, sometimes drunk fellow campers?


Question: How do you handle loud, sometimes drunk fellow campers?

How do you handle loud and sometimes drunk fellow campers, without making them mad or even louder? I understand people are out to have fun, but for us that means a good night's sleep to be rested for the next day. If quiet hours are 10 pm to 8 am, is it okay to go and ask them to be quiet? We try our best to keep our 3 year old and our dog quiet during those times, is it unfair to expect the same from others?


Are they bigger than you? (just kidding)

You pose a frequent problem, and sometimes one that is not easy to remedy. Most campgrounds do have quiet hours, and many have rules about alcohol. If you're in a public park with rangers, I'd inform them and let them handle the problem. Otherwise, if the rules are clearly in violation, I'd next try the campground manager. I'd avoid confrontations, if at all possible. They are going to still be there in the morning, so maybe waiting until then and checking their demeanor you might approach them and say "hi, how ya doin', where y'all from?" and casually mention that they sounded like they were having a great time last night. If they're any kind of decent folks they might get the hint and be a little more considerate next time.

Another remedy is to ask about rules and regulations when you check in and what they do when campers get rowdy after quiet hours. Tell them you've had bad experiences and you want a quiet campsite to enjoy a good night's sleep. You might also ask if there are separate sections for families with kids. Parents will show a mutual respect for other parents, because they will likely cherish a quiet night's sleep too.

It's a tough situation to be in, especially if you're camping with your kids, and requires tolerance and tact so as not to create a worse situation.

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