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Outdoor Recreation in the Reds Meadow Valley


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Sotcher Lake
Outdoor Recreation in the Reds Meadow Valley

Fly Fishing at Sotcher Lake.

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Sitting at the bottom of the western slope of Mammoth Mountain, Sotcher Lake was carved out of granite when the glacier that covered the valley receded. The granite basin filled with water and is now a destination for fishing and hiking. The lake receives run-off from Mammoth Mountain and the Sierra Crest, but is mostly a healthy, spring-fed basin.

Sotcher Lake is known for it’s enormous and rare German browns. A large avalanche path on eastern slope ripped out trees and deposited them into the lake. These large logs cover the bottom of the lake, creating homes for fish and obstacles for anglers.

A one and a half mile nature trail circles the lake and is an easy hiking trail that boasts spectacular views of the geologic basin. A nature map guides hikers and familiarizes them in regional flora, fauna and geology of the valley.

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