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Camping Recipes: Main Ingredient: Chicken


Alamo Chicken
A camping recipe from Beth. This recipe is easy and very tasty. It's also great for those low-carb diets. After all, anything with bacon and cheese has got to be good.

Badami Chicken
A camping recipe from Barnali. This is an Indian recipe.

BBQ Rice
A camping recipe from Deb. This is an easy make-ahead recipe and a great warm-you-through meal.

Blackened Chicken
A camping recipe from David. If you like Cajun, you'll like this rub, which you can make from common ingredients in your spice rack.

Camp Kabobs
A camping recipe from Marsha. Camp Kabobs are easy and mess free. The kids like eating them too, because they're fun to eat. Bake potatoes directly in the fire, add some bread and you've got a meal.

Camper's Paprikash
A camping recipe from Jeanine. This dish tastes great, especially in the spring and fall or when having any late summer suppers. It's warm, sweet and spicy, but not too peppery for the kids.

Campfire Chicken
A camping recipe from Bob. I tried this by accident one night during a Scout campout, and everyone loved it.

Campfire Comfort Chicken
A camping recipe from Patty. This recipe will make anyone enjoy the comfort of a warm fire.

Campfire Fajitas
A camping recipe from Chris. The smoke from the campfire along with the liquid smoke make for a very unique (and quite delicious) combo.

Chicken and Dumplings
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy one pot meal.

Chicken and Dumplings
From Nellie Adams. I usually serve this with slaw and English peas to make a meal.

Chicken and Rice Continental
A camping recipe from Kelly. This is a great way to use leftover chicken, and it comes together very quickly.

Chicken Creole
A camping recipe from David. This quick recipe can be prepared on a two-burner camp stove with a big skillet and a 2-quart pot with a lid, or you can prepare everything in a 12-inch Dutch oven.

Chicken Dinner in a Hot Bag
Chicken Dinner in a Hot Bag - a camping recipe from Barbara. You can add any vegetables that your family likes. We've used fresh green beans and mushrooms with great results, but broccoli didn't go over as well.

Chicken Dumplings
A camping recipe from Randy Simpson. This recipe is mistake resistant, and it provides a balanced meal. You can get fancy by adding thyme or white pepper to the dough mixture for seasoned dumplings.

Chicken Fajitas
A camping recipe from Roberta. Fajitas are a hands-on, teamwork recipe and everyone loves to eat them, so get some friends to help with this campground treat.

Chicken Kabobs
A camping recipe from Tammy Cooke. Typically we start our trip with frozen chicken in the cooler. By day two it has thawed enough to work with for dinner. This has become one of our traditional camping dinners when we go to Yosemite for our annual hike up to the top of Half Dome.

Chicken Marinara
A camping recipe from David. This is the easy version because it uses a jar of store-bought marinara sauce. If you prefer, you can make your own marinara.

Chicken Pot Pie
A camping recipe from Dan. This is an easy Dutch oven recipe.

Chicken Shish Kabobs
A camping recipe from Louie. I like to prepare the chicken ahead of time at home and put in the freezer. This helps keep the cooler cold and lets the chicken soak up the vibes from the marinade. The rum or wine adds a little extra flavor, as well as keeping the skewers from burning.

Chicken Soup
A camping recipe from David. During this time of year a bowl of hot soup can taste pretty good. I like to cook different kinds of soup, and at home I like to let my soups cook for a few hours to give the flavors a chance to mingle. That's not always feasible at the campground. This simple soup requires only about an hour of cooking time.

Chicken Stew
A camping recipe from Ron. This is an easy Dutch oven stew.

Chicken Surprise
A camping recipe from Nicole. The chicken cooks faster, if you cut it into slices.

Chicken in a Hole
A camping recipe from Andrena from Botswana, Africa. Nigel, my husband, sent you a potjie recipe some time ago. He asked me to send you a recipe for Chicken in a Hole, because I am the most recent person to use this recipe.

Cream Cheese Chicken
A camping recipe from Chris. This recipe has been a camping favorite of our family and friends alike. It is perfect for the days when you have away-from-your-campsite activities planned. Put it on before leaving your site, and when you get back dinner is almost done.

Cream of Chicken and Rice
A camping recipe from Gary Totten. If you are looking for a simple, fast, hot, nutritious, easy clean up, One Pot Meals that tastes great - add this recipe to your camping menu.

Dad's Best Chicken Fingers
A camping recipe from Frank Altamura. I first made these for a Boy Scout camping trip. Since then, it seems that we have them for at least one meal on every campout! Some of the boys made them from scratch at the campground, but it gets extremely messy. That's why I like to make them ahead of time in the comfort of my own kitchen where cleaning up is a lot easier. Make these ahead of time in about 45 minutes and freeze them.

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