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Camping Recipes: Preparation: Foil Wrapped Complete Meals


Foil wrapped meals have been around as long as foil itself. One of the first uses of foil was reheating leftovers. At home, just wrap your leftovers in some foil and refrigerate until you get to the campground. Then just pop your foil packs onto a hot grill to reheat. If you feel more creative, try one of these foil wrapped meals from other campers.

Backwards Meal
A camping recipe from Marissa. You can add your own ingedients to this recipe.

Beef and Veggies
A camping recipe from Bill. The meal smells so good it makes you hungry.

Boatin' Hillbilly Trash Breakfast
A camping recipe from Pat Frain. This is so easy to make, and you can add whatever you want, and clean up is easy.

Cabbage and Smoked Sausage
A camping recipe from Don N. I have had this many times while camping.

Camp Style Italian Meatball Stew
A camping recipe from DebWilgus. I made this meal on our last camping trip and surprisingly it was delicious.

Camper's Beef Stew
A camping recipe from DebWilgus. This recipe is easy, cheap and no clean up.

Campfire Fajitas
A camping recipe from Chris. The smoke from the campfire along with the liquid smoke make for a very unique (and quite delicious) combo.

Campfire Hobo Stew
A camping recipe from S.A. Lee. This is an easy, economical and healthy recipe.

Campfire Pizza
A camping recipe from Becky and Carol. This is a Weight Watcher recipe for the oven, but friends tried on it on a campfire and it was yummy.

Chicken Dinner in a Hot Bag
A camping recipe from Barbara. You can add any vegetables that your family likes.

Cowboys and Indians PowWow
A camping recipe from NaNa. Quick and easy.

Deltadog's Beans and Franks
A camping recipe from Deltadog. This is very filling.

Easy Campfire Pot Roast
A camping recipe from Jody Sample. This is a quick home-cooked meal.

Easy Hamburger Vegetable Foil
A camping recipe from Deb. I make this easy dish right on the open fire. It is so simple and no clean up.

Eggs in an Orange
A camping recipe from Roxie. With this simple recipe, you have your serving of eggs and fruit.

Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from Steph. The nice thing about this recipe is you can cook it in the oven, on the grill or on the campfire.

Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from Paul Anderson. This meal is usually our first meal. It's been a big hit at our camp.

Foil Packs
A camping recipe from Cindi Stokes. Our scouts do this recipe the first night of every camping trip.

Grilled Pizza
A camping recipe from Linda. This recipe is a great departure from hot dogs and hamburgers on a camping trip.

Ground Beef with Roasted Peppers
A camping recipe from Outerpace. Then you can prepare this at the campsite while you are setting up.

Hamburger Casserole
A camping recipe from Cindy Thornlow. For a complete meal serve with salad and rolls.

Hamburger Foil Dinners
A camping recipe from Rosemary. This was always one of our favorites when I was a kid.

Hillbilly Fish Wrap
A camping recipe from OhioKDR. I really like the way that the salad dressing steams the vegetables and adds a whole lot of taste to the mix.

Hillbilly Fish Wrap 2
A camping recipe from Gecus. This recipe is the same as the original Hillbilly Fish Wrap, except that this one uses Gardetto's Snack Mix instead of the veggies.

Hobo Adobo
A camping recipe from Robert Schofield. This is a slighly Asian/Puerto Rican twist on an old Boy Scout favorite.

Hobo Chicken
From Danielle. An easy foil-wrap chicken recipe that can feed a crowd of hungry campers, each to their own liking.

Hobo Dinner
A camping recipe from zeb. Fill the campground with the smell of hot biscuits from the oven.

Hobo Dinner
A camping recipe from Karen Dishaw. An easy one to make on the grill or the campfire.

Hobo Dinner
A camping recipe from Robin. This is a very quick and tasty meal.

Hobo Dinner
A camping recipe from Donna. This is an easy meal with quick cleanup.

Hobo Stew
A camping recipe from Nadine. From my daughter Carrie.

A camping recipe from Regina Ivey. I had this when I was 17 years old. I liked it then, and I like it now even more.

From Dama Cooper. This meal can be made at home and frozen prior to a backpacking or camping trip. Both my family and Cub Scout Pack have enjoyed this easy meal for years. Little prep time and easy clean up.

Hot Chicken and Veggies
A camping recipe from Alesha. This dish is very hot.

Italian Chicken
From Anne. I put the frozen chicken bag in another plastic bag and use it as another cold pack.

Kid's Favorite Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from Char. My kids, now grown (21 and 24 ), still ask if we are going to have this when we go camping.

Knight in Shining Armor
A camping recipe from Caitlin. This recipe is very delicious.

Low-fat Chicken and Veggie Pouch
A camping recipe from Girl Scout Leader. This is a favorite of my family and my Girl Scout Troop.

Meatballs and Potatoes
A camping recipe from Carrie. You can leave this foil-wrapped meal on the coals for up to two hours, if you want to make it and go to the beach or for a bikeride before dinner.

Mexican Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from Robin Legband. Very easy dinner to prepare camping, and it really hits the spot.

Pocket Stew
A camping recipe from Kathleen. This is one of the first recipes I remember making when I started out in the Girl Scouts, and I still use it to this day when camping.

Sausage and Vegetables
A camping recipe from Heather. I got this recipe from my mother-in-law, but I added smoked sausage. It is also good as a side dish without the meat.

Stuffed Tr-Color Peppers
A camping recipe from Beth. Get your grill or campfire ready. These will work either way.

Taco Potato
A camping recipe from Verla. A complete meal by itself. We go away stuffed. It is simple with not much clean up.

Tex-Mex Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from K9s4moi. This is a recipe you can make ahead at home and just put on the grill when you get to the campground.

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