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Camping Recipes: Preparation: Make Ahead


Have you ever been camping when you didn't want to spend a lot of time preparing meals? Well the solution to that is easy. Simply prepare your meals ahead of time at home and then finish cooking or reheat at the campground. Here are some easy make ahead camping recipes that you may like to try.

Alan's Frozen Salad
A camping recipe from Alan. You serve it frozen like ice cream.

Bean Soup
A camping recipe from David. This recipe is one of my concoctions. I like to take food I've got in the house and come up with a dish. This turned out so good that I thought I'd share it with you.

BBQ Pork Loin
A camping recipe from David. This tasty dish requires some advance preparation at home, but very little work to serve it up at the campground.

Bikers Subs
A camping recipe from eaglescout. This is a great make-ahead recipe for bikers, boaters, campers and anyone who wants a quick meal without all the work.

Broccoli Soup
A camping recipe from David. A simple and delicious soup that requires less than an hour of cooking time.

Brownie S'mores
A camping recipe from Becky - I discovered how great these taste when I forgot to take graham crackers camping, but we had taken brownies. So we improvised and ummm...yummy.

Camp Beef Stew
A camping recipe from Randy. Prepare at least a day before camping. While camping, your prep work is done and the stew can cook for 2-3 hours while you do other things!

Campfire Fajitas
A camping recipe from Chris. The smoke from the campfire along with the liquid smoke make for a very unique (and quite delicious) combo.

Foil Packs
A camping recipe from Cindi Stokes. Our scouts do this recipe the first night of every camping trip.

Happy Campers' Cole Slaw
A camping recipe from Mark Thompson. This recipe is well worth the extra preparation time.

Hash Mess with Eggs
A camping recipe from Julie Ann Craft. My three daughters named this recipe. It does not look too appetizing, but they love it.

Make Ahead Egg Bake
A camping recipe from Amy Mable. My husband loves this for breakfast.

Potato Pancakes
A camping recipe from Boonies. Bring along some applesauce, and you have a complete and satisfying meal. This recipe can serve as a side dish or the main course, and there is nothing to refrigerate.

Shish Kabob Buffet
A camping recipe from David. This recipe is a real crowd pleaser. Lay out a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables so everyone can build their own kabobs. Great grill food, whether at the campground or in your back yard.

Sweet Slaw
A camping recipe from David. This slaw keeps well in your cooler for a few days, so you can prepare this ahead of time at home. However, once it is tasted it won't last long.

Sweet Slaw
A camping recipe from David. This recipe is the outcome of browsing the produce section of the grocery store looking for ingredients to make a quick and simple salad at the campground.

T-Berry Salad
A camping recipe from Annie. I adapted this recipe from one I received a few years ago by adding/changing a few ingredients to fit our camping trips. It's become a favorite of our family and friends.

Tacos in a Bag
A camping recipe from Rheanna. I got this idea when I worked in a school, and they used these as a fundraiser at tournaments.

Tex-Mex Foil Dinner
A camping recipe from K9s4moi. This is a recipe you can make ahead at home and just put on the grill when you get to the campground.

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