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Camping Recipes: Preparation: No Cook


Alan's Frozen Salad
A camping recipe from Alan. You serve it frozen like ice cream.

Avacodo Dip
A camping recipe from panfisher. A quick and easy snack that's ready in just a few minutes. Assemble ingredients, chill and serve with tortilla chips.

Berry Smooth
A camping recipe from Sophie Mayer. It's so nice, if you do it properly.

Cole Slaw
A camping recipe from David. What's a barbecue sandwich or a summer picnic without this traditional sidedish?

Dirt Dessert
A camping recipe from Kathy. Kids love this stuff.

Easy Chocolate Fix
A camping recipe from Rita Lewis. Everyone will want your recipe.

Easy Pudding Dessert
A camping recipe from Jackie. My family calls this our camping dessert because that's the only time I make it. I haven't found anyone who doesn't like it.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits
A camping recipe from Gabriella. Here is something simple for breakfast that doesn't require a lot of cleanup.

Graham Treats
A camping recipe from David. Here's a simple treat that the kids will love. These can be messy in hot weather, so be ready to lick some fingers.

Ham Salad Spread
A camping recipe from David. Tired of lunch meat sandwiches? Try this simple recipe for ham salad. You can make it ahead of time at home. Keep refrigerated until you go camping. I prefer using sugar-cured or honey baked ham. I don't recommend using country ham. I think it's too salty.

Honey Nut Os Mix
A camping recipe from Rita B. Great campfire pass around. You can't stop eating these.

Pass Around Fudge
A camping recipe from Ann Johnson. As a Girl Scout leader of all ages, this has been a fun way to keep the girls busy on our travels. When we are through setting up camp, then the girls are ready to eat the fudge they made themselves.

Peachy Keen
A camping recipe from Angela. Kids love this dessert. Modify it by taking away or adding what they like or don't like.

Peanut Butter Fudge Cup
A camping recipe from Pat Marion. Great recipe for camping and/or last minute treats to have with coffee.

Pimento Cheese Spread
A camping recipe from David. I remember as a kid when you could buy pimento cheese. You could get it sliced just like American cheese. I asked about this at the local grocery store, and they didn't now what I was talking about. Fortunately you can make the next best thing with this easy recipe. I used a bag of finely shredded Colby and Jack cheeses, but most any shredded cheese will do.

Rocky Mountain Cake
A camping recipe from Linda. A quick and easy dessert that can be made at home or the campground.

Summer Dip
A camping recipe from Tesa. This snack can be made ahead of time and kept chilled in your ice chest.

T-Berry Salad
A camping recipe from Annie. I adapted this recipe from one I received a few years ago by adding/changing a few ingredients to fit our camping trips. It's become a favorite of our family and friends.

The Black Hills Bounty
A camping recipe from Ammp. Just mix all of the ingredients, then shake it up and divvy it up.

Tuna Salad
A camping recipe from David. Not everyone likes tuna, but if you do you'll like this sandwich spread? A little tuna salad also makes a great compliment to a tossed salad. Make this ahead of time at home, or prepare it at the campground. Keep refrigerated.

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