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Camping Recipes: Preparation: One Pot Meals


Bean and Bacon Stew
A camping recipe from Alan. This recipe is ideal for a cold day's camping, very filling.

Bean Soup
A camping recipe from David. This recipe is one of my concoctions. I like to take food I've got in the house and come up with a dish. This turned out so good that I thought I'd share it with you.

Beanie Weenie Casserole
A camping recipe from Rebecca Bishop. I am a cook at a campsite now and have found this is a big hit whenever I serve it. This recipe can be done on the stove or over a fire.

Bryan's Dutch Oven Stew
A camping recipe from Bryan. A hearty one-pot meal. If you like dumplings, you can add a can of bicuits to the top and let cook for 15 minutes longer.

Cabbage Stew
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy one-pot meal that can be prepared in a Dutch oven or a big pot over a camp stove.

Camp Stuff
A camping recipe from Sunny. We were almost done with our trip, and I still had these ingredients left over. So, in an attempt to fix a nice meal without wasting food, I combined everything to make a great dinner for all of us. Yummy!

Campfire Tuna-Mac
A camping recipe from Jen. This is so easy, but it is amazingly good.

Campsite Cannonballs
A camping recipe from Kirk. This is one of our campsite favorites.

Chicken a la Queen
A camping recipe from CeeCee. Quick, easy, inexpensive.

Chicken and Dumplings
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy one pot meal.

Chicken and Rice Continental
A camping recipe from Kelly. This is a great way to use leftover chicken, and it comes together very quickly.

Corn Chowder
A camping recipe from Hook. I have made this many times on our camping trips and we really enjoy it.

Corned Beef Stew
A camping recipe from Jim. This recipe is very easy to prepare, and it requires no refrigerated ingredients.

Cowboy Goulash
From sydney2462. A quick and easy one-pot meal.

Cream of Chicken and Rice
A camping recipe from Gary Totten. If you are looking for a simple, fast, hot, nutritious, easy clean up, One Pot Meals that tastes great - add this recipe to your camping menu.

Easy Chili
A camping recipe from Ann. We frequently make this recipe over our campfire; it's great on a chilly night in Maine! Sometimes I bring a ziploc bag of already cooked rice or pasta in our cooler and serve this chili over it. The cold pasta is warmed up by the hot chili! It's also great as is with crusty bread. Our three kids love this recipe.

Easy Stew
A camping recipe from bigdaddy. Several years ago, while my wife was going to school, I would take my son and two daughters camping. We tried to keep work to a minimum so we had more time for play. This was a low cost, low effort, quick-to-make meal with few dirty dishes to clean. Our favorite was the chicken with chicken flavored noodles and either carrots or peas or sometimes both. But any combination of vegetables would work.

Ground Beef and Veggies
From Stephen. A very simple one-pot meal.

A camping recipe from Mary Kay. This is a quick and yummy dish we use at home and camping. So easy and tasty. It is a dish that other veggies could be added (like green beans or even a can of diced tomatoes). We like the clean flavor of the beef, carrots, potatoes and onion.

Hobo Stew
From Valerie. When I made this, I used a 3-quart stainless steel pot over a campfire.

Homemade Chili
A camping recipe from David. This is almost how my mom made chili when I was growing up. The only difference with this recipe is that I can no longer get Frank's Chili Powder, which used cinnamon, so I add some to the pot along with my chili powder. This recipe can be ready to eat in an hour, but its better if you can let it simmer for a couple.

Hunters' Dumplings
A camping recipe from Linda. This is a great recipe on a cold day when you get back to camp from fishing or hunting. The leftovers are great too.

Macaroni and Cheese
A camping recipe from David. If you're camping with kids, this dish is sure to be a hit.

One Pot Bubble and Squeak
A camping recipe from Jacketbacker1. This recipe is fast, easy, and the ingredients need little refrigeration.

Oxtail Potjie
Inspired by my wife, Jenny, who cooks her oxtail in Old Brown Sherry. The recipe serves 4 to 5 people and I recommend a no. 3 pot.

Pulled Pork Ribs
A camping recipe from GreyGhost. Might be slow cooking, but set it up in the morning and come back at dinner time. Very easy to make and not a lot to do to prepare it either.

Slumgullian Goulash
A camping recipe from Don Krier. This recipe is great for making before hand and then adding some water and reheating at the campground. We especially like this during cool or wet weather as it warms you up quick. Also make sure you bring along some Italian bread and some butter/margarine to go along with this meal.

Spicy Chicken Casserole
A camping recipe from Jim Abbott. This is an easy and quick recipe which can be varied according to one's tastes when you are at the late in the day hungry stage and don't want to spend a long time over a stove. All of the items are staples which can be purchased in advance.

Stolen Creole Dinner
A camping recipe from theman. I got this recipe from a gent that I had the pleasure of spending a weekend fishing with. It sure didn't take very long for three full-size hungry grown men to demolish a pot full of this all too easy fixin's.

A camping recipe from Rhonda. Even boys and girls that did not like cabbage loved this stuff. This is like stew, soup and jambalaya, so we named it stoupalaya.

Taters and Brats
A camping recipe from Corey. An easy one pot meal that you cook on the over a campfire or a grill.

Trailer Park Hash
A camping recipe from Patman. When I was just a boy, I grew up in a very poor trailer park. This is what we ate most of the time. Now when I go camping, it's always a favorite.

Warm To Your Stomach Meal
A camping recipe from Patty. This meal is warm satisfaction for a good appetite.

White Chili
A camping recipe from Christie. This is a good recipe for the fourth or fifth day of camping when your fresh foods are used up. I take all that I can already chopped or measured out into small zipping baggies.

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