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Camping Recipes: Main Ingredient: Turkey


Turkey Legs on the Grill

Turkey Legs on the Grill

photo courtesy Don Roberts

Backpacker's Thanksgiving Dinner
A camping recipe from Kelsey Cornelius. A feast for on the trail.

Easy Chili
A camping recipe from Ann. We frequently make this recipe over our campfire; it's great on a chilly night in Maine! Sometimes I bring a ziploc bag of already cooked rice or pasta in our cooler and serve this chili over it. The cold pasta is warmed up by the hot chili! It's also great as is with crusty bread. Our three kids love this recipe.

Spare of the Moment Chili
A camping recipe from Patty. This recipe is great for dinner.

Stir-Fry Turkey
A camping recipe from Patsy. I worked for a turkey company for many years, and a co-worker gave this recipe to the office. We have all enjoyed it many times.

Turkey Burgers
A camping recipe from Patsy. My family has enjoyed this recipe for many years. In fact, it was a runner-up in a Turkey Federation Cookoff several years ago. Can be frozen and reheated.

Turkey Meatballs
A camping recipe from David. Want a change from meatballs and spaghetti? Try my turkey meatballs over rice.

Turkey in a Garbage Can
A camping recipe from Holly. We fed sixteen people at camp with this recipe! If you want to use a bigger bird, increase cooking time and amount of coals accordingly. It doesn't hurt to sneak a peak near the end of cooking time to see if it's done, but do it quickly and add 15 minutes to the cooking time each time you open it up. If the bird stays away from the sides of the can and you wash it well afterwards, you can reuse your can several times.

Turkey Legs on the Grill
A camping recipe from Don Roberts. An inexpensive meal to share with other campers.

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