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Emergency Preparedness for RVers

Preparing RVing Plans for Different Types of Natural Disasters


First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Steve Allen

RVers have plenty of resources available to help them prepare for weather-related emergencies. Since, a good emergency preparedness plan for RVers can prevent many injuries, and even deaths, it's good to know that it isn't hard to make a plan that works for you.

General Disaster Plan for RVers

Most emergency preparedness plans have several steps in common, such as having a well-stocked first aid kit available. Other weather emergencies require unique responses, such as those based on the immediacy of the danger. Read more about some of the RVers general disaster plan steps that could benefit most RVers in any weather emergency. More...

Thunderstorms, Lightening, High Winds

Thunderstorms, lightening and high winds can occur any time of the year, and almost anywhere. But summer brings some of the most dangerous storms just at a time when most RVers are moving around. There are a number of steps you can take to keep you and your family safe during thunderstorms if you will just take the time to prepare a thunderstorm preparedness plan and make sure everyone knows what to do when a storm approaches. More...

Flash Flood 

Flooding can occur in some of the most unexpected places. Campers and RVers often end up retreating to those very places to escape the urban rush and experience nature at its best. But a flash flood will easily show you nature’s worst side. Don’t let flooding ruin your vacation, damage your RV or put your life at risk. Learn how you can be ready to escape before a flood takes you by surprise. More

Hot Weather 

We RVers expect warm to hot summers just about everywhere we might go. But occasionally temperatures soar to extremes. When combined with humidity, these temperatures can feel, and affect us as though the temperature were significantly higher. And in direct sunlight, we might experience an additional increase of up to 15° higher. Learn what to do when the temperatures soar and how to prevent or treat heat disorders. More

Winter Storms

RVers tend to move south during the winter, or just store their RVs and move home. But there are those who will find themselves living in an RV during a winter storm. Find out how RVers can prepare to weather the winter storm and prevent cold related injuries. More...


There’s just nothing like a severe earthquake to ruin your vacation. But damage and injuries occur even with moderate quakes. If you’re only shelter is an RV, you need to know how to prepare and respond, and take into consideration the differences between a fixed home and an RV. More...

Power Outages-Food Storage

During a power outage one of our primary concerns should be to preserve our food supply. Refrigerated foods can begin to spoil in a short time, and frozen foods may not last longer than a couple days. By acting quickly, you can extend the life of both. You just need to take a few simple steps outlined in this power outage preparedness plan to store your perishable food safely. More...

Power Outages-RVer Preparedness

RVers are probably better prepared for power outages than most people. But more and more we are becoming accustomed to, even dependent upon electronics and appliances. That means we need our electrical power. We have all we need to survive without electrical power for quite some time. We need only remember how to use what we have. This power outage preparedness guide will come in hand when the lights go out. More...


If you plan to live or travel in an RV in hurricane territory take a little time to develop a RV-appropriate hurricane preparedness plan. Hurricanes can produce hail, lightening, tornadoes, floods, wind damage, and can easily destroy an RV. Assuming your RV will provide adequate shelter could be a deadly mistake. This article on RV Hurricane Preparedness can get you started on a plan that addresses your family's needs, the evacuation routes most appropriate for you, your pets, NOAA links and more. More


Tornados can occur suddenly, or with a period of warning up to about 30 minutes. They can drop down from overhead or move in with a storm. Do you know what to do if a tornado warning is issued for your area? Should you stay or go? Move your RV or leave it? Do you know the difference between your locality’s noon whistle and tornado warning? Read how to make a tornado preparedness plan. More


Wildfires can be caused by weather conditions or human carelessness. Using good camping practices with campfires, propane and other flammables is one way to prevent them. But when they occur, regardless of the cause, their path and progression are unpredictable and often more rapid than we can imagine. Would your know what to do if your RV were set up in the path of a wildfire? Don’t get caught off-guard. Learn how to make up a wildfire preparedness plan before you head off to the wilderness. More

RVers Emergency Preparedness Plan for Pets  

If you’re traveling with your pets, don’t forget to include them in your emergency preparedness plans. Whatever risks and dangers threaten you threaten your pets, also. More

Dealing With Post Disaster Emotional Distress

Too often we RVers don’t think about the after-effects of experiencing a natural disaster. We might tend to think we can simply drive to another area if and impending weather emergency threatens. But sudden emergencies like tornados, wildfires or flash floods can take anyone by surprise. And that surprise, compounded by any injuries, deaths or loss of property can have effects that we never planned for. Would you know what to do? Take a few minutes to learn how to brace for the after-effects of natural disasters. More

Weather and Disaster Resources

Knowing where to get information quickly is vital when you expect severe weather or another disaster emergency as occurred. This list gives you dozens of choices for weather forecasts, road conditions, pollen and allergen level predictions and resources for making your disaster preparedness plans. More...

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