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What's the best way to store my tent?


Question: What's the best way to store my tent?
Answer: Tents should be stored dry, free of debris, and folded in the same fashion as when you unpacked the tent (assuming that you bought it new). I suggest that new tents be set up in your backyard and seams sealed before using them at the campground for the first time. This exercise will familiarize you with how the tent sets up, it gives you an opportunity to add some water-proofing, and it let's you practice packing the tent up. For new tents, remember how it is folded when you remove it from the manufacturer's boxes. This is how you should refold and pack your tent for storage. It's OK to refold your tent the same way every time. Modern tent materials are tough and durable. Poles, ropes, and stakes are usually stored in separate ditty bags, which are rolled up inside the tent. Keeping these essential items with the tent means you'll always know where they are.

Providing it's not raining when you leave the campground, always take a few minutes to sweep out the inside of the tent with a whisk broom. Keeping the inside of your tent free of twigs, leaves, rocks, and dirt will help prevent holes and tears when you pack it up. If your tent is dry, refold it like you practiced. It's ready for storage when you get home.

If your tent is wet when you leave the campground, take the first opportunity when you get home to set it up in the sun to dry out thoroughly. The sooner you dry your tent the better to avoid mold and mildew. Never store a tent wet. When your tent is dry, sweep it out again and refold it like you practiced. It's also a good idea to wipe off your tent ropes, poles, and stakes, and store them in separate ditty bags inside your tent. Your tent is ready for storage.

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