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Camping: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Are the Pros and Cons of Airstream Travel...
Airstream travel trailers and motorhomes are a good value, well constructed, and great for vacations or full time lifestyles.
The Top 10 Spots to Go Camping in California
If you want to go camping in California you'll want to know the best destinations to pitch a tent. From beaches to mountains and wine country we have the ten best spots for California camping.
Turkey in a Garbage Can
A camping recipe from Holly. We fed sixteen people at camp with this recipe! If you want to use a bigger bird, increase cooking time and amount of coals accordingly. It doesn't hurt to sneak a peak near the end of cooking time to see if it's done, but do it quickly and add 15 minutes to the cooking time each time you open it up. If the bird stays away from the sides of the can and you wash it well afterwards, you can reuse your can several times.
Your Description of the Perfect Campground has...
Thank you for submitting a description of your favorite campground to the camping site.
9 Must-Know Tips for Winter Camping
Winter camping, or cold weather camping can be enjoyable with the right gear and essentials. This is your guide and must-know tips for winter camping.
Top 10 Gifts for Campers
Find the best gifts for campers with About Camping's guide to camping gifts. Holiday gift ideas for campers and outdoors people.
Four Wheel Camper Review
If you are looking for a pop-up camper to put on the back of a truck, Four Wheel Campers make the best designs on the market. The newer Eagle model is designed to fit a medium to full sized truck.
The Best Southern California Beach Camping
Plan a Southern California camping trip with this guide to the best beach campgrounds. From San Diego camping to Los Angeles and Orange County,
The Keystone Outback Super-Lite Travel Trailer
The Keystone Outback Super-Lite is a great choice of travel trailers. This 35-footer has made exceptional use of space and features, and even includes an outside kitchen.
Go Camping Along Highway 1 in California
Your complete Central Coast Camping Guide includes the best campgrounds and things to do in Santa Barbara, Pismo, San Louis Obispo, Morro Bay, and Big Sur.
Why Ziploc Omelets May Be Hazardous to Your...
You shouldn't boil with Ziploc bags. Ziploc omelets are not recommended.
Do You Know How to Check Your RV's Electrical...
Here's a simple checklist to make checking your RV electrical system a cinch. Check each system in an organized way and enjoy a worry-free RV vacation.
Printer Friendly Camping Checklist
Print this camping checklist to help plan your next trip to the campground. Provided by David Sweet, camping guide at About.com.
Which states allow passengers to travel in...
Which states allow passengers to travel in campers?
Storing Your RV for the Winter
Storing your RV for winter takes some careful and thorough work. Keeping your summer residence vacant is a top priority, as is protecting the RV from deterioration.
What Should You Expect at US Army Corps of...
A guide to finding campgrounds managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
Where can I find advice on RV manufacturer...
Where can I find advice on RV manufacturer ratings?
Bureau of Land Management Campgrounds
A guide to finding campgrounds managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
RV Safety: Propane Tanks
One of the basic preparations you need to make before starting an RV trip is learning to care for your propane system safely. This entails tank safety, RV system safety, tank pressures, gauges, valves, connectors, and tank color.
What to Pack for Camping? A Complete Checklist
Your complete camping checklist to use for planning your next trip to the campground. What to pack for camping including all the essentials and a few optional items.
The 5 Best States for Camping
Colorado, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, and New York were voted the top 5 US States for Camping.
Gearing Up For a Camping Trip
Gearing Up For Camping - What gear do you need?
Free Camping in the National Forests
A guide to finding a free dispersed campsite in the National Forests, plus an account of my adventures in Kaibab National Forest near the Grand Canyon.
Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater
The Coleman SportCat catalytic heater is a safe, portable propane tent heater.
What does banking a fire mean and how is it done?
What does banking a fire mean and how is it done?
Beyond S'mores: The Best Campfire Recipes
If you love to eat at the campground, here are the most popular camping recipes sent in by fellow campers.
Best Camping Stocking Stuffers
We've been shopping for the best gear and gadgets on the market, and narrowed down this list of the best camping stocking stuffers for your favorite camper.
Learn the Secrets of RVing with These Online...
RV Forums are the perfect place to get insider's secrets for a perfect RV trip. RV Forums are the place where RVers tell all that you won't learn from books and magazines.
Happy Camping: Learn to Flush Your RV's Water...
Make sure your family has a safe water supply by taking these few, simple steps in flushing and disinfecting your RV water system. It doesn't have to be difficult, but it's crucial.
Outdoor Concerts, Events and Festivals - in...
Outdoor Concerts, Events and Festivals with camping, in order by state. A list of great outdoor music festivals, annual events, and country jubilees that offer camping and lots of outdoor family fun. (USA and Canada)
Winterizing Your RV’s Water System
Preparing your RV for winter storage involves the whole rig, but the most important is winterizing the water system. Learn how, here.
Hearty One-Pot Meals to Make Over the Campfire
A list of camping recipes prepared as one pot meals.
Lesser-Known State Regulations Regarding Travel...
Planning a multi-state RV trip with a trailer or other tow can result in one or more tickets if your rig doesn’t meet state requirement, or if you don’t have a permit for your variances. Read more about how to plan your trip and avoid unpleasant surprises and fines.
Camping Recipes: Preparation: Make Ahead
Easy camping recipes that you make ahead at home.
Has Your RV Been Recalled?
Has your RV been recalled? If you haven't received a recall notice you may still have a defective RV, appliance, or component. We'll show you how to find out if your RV has been recalled.
Campground Review Submission Form
Use this simple form to submit your campground review for inclusion on About's camping site.
Starstream SS24QB Travel Trailer
If you're shopping for a high quality used RV travel trailer, take a look at the Starcraft Starstream line. These sleek, well-built travel trailers seem to stand the test of hard use by frequent RVers and full-timers.
Autumn Chicken - Dutch Oven Recipe
A whole chicken recipe that is easy and delicious for camping. A dutch oven chicken recipe for the campground.
RV Purchase Scams
Watch out for RV scams: investing a bit of time may save you thousands of dollars, or expose needed repairs before you get stuck with the bill. Take your time planning your RV purchase, sale or trade-in and do your homework.
RVers Go Green With Wind Power
RVers looking for a greener way to power their RVs may find the perfect solution blowing in the wind. Wind turbines, or wind generators, may be a superior alternative, or compliment, to solar power.
5 National Parks for Your Next Camping Trip
About.com Camping readers nominated their favorite US National Parks for Camping and these five took top honors: Glacier, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone and Yosemite.
Find a Place to Camp in State Parks, National...
Find a place to camp in state parks, national parks and forests, corps of engineers recreation areas, private campgrounds and RV parks.
Best Camping Coffee Makers
Everyone can agree that coffee tastes best in the great outdoors. This is your guide to the best camping french press and camping coffee makers.
Dutch Oven Pork Roast: Your Perfect Campfire...
A camping recipe from Carrie. I call this recipe Dutch Oven Heaven. The pork roast doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, as it will be slow cooked to spoon-tenderness. Ham will be fine too, but shorten the cooking time to two hours, as ham is already cooked.
Camping Recipes for the Dutch Oven
A list of camping recipes prepared in a Dutch oven.
Buying A New Camping Tent? Features of Camping...
Buying a new camping tent? Here are some tips that will help you look for features in camping tents that will let you enjoy the use of that tent for many years to come.
National Park Campgrounds
A guide to finding campgrounds using Park Net by the National Park Service.
Easy Dutch Oven Cobbler
A camping recipe from Mike Pierce. This quick and easy recipe will satisfy any sweet-tooth.
RV Buying Trends
RVers’ buying preferences are changing. To meet the new demands, manufacturers are making lighter weight RVs and new manufacturers are introducing inventive variations of large and small homes on wheels.
How to Plan a Camping Wedding
Love the outdoors? Want to tie the knot at a campground? Photos, advice and true stories from brides who recently planned a camping wedding.
Who, in your opinion, is the most reliable RV...
Who, in your opinion, is the most reliable RV maker?
Dutch Oven Cornish Game Hens
A camping recipe from Robin. I love to cook and use my Dutch oven. I just made this recipe up while walking through the store wondering what would be different for camping.
RV Club Memberships
RV club memberships offer RVers a wide assortment of benefits. We'll tell you about the different types of RV clubs you can join and the most common RV club membership benefits they offer.
RV Living: Pet Control and Pest Control
Traveling in a RV with pets? Get tips on how to control your pets, and make your RV an undesirable neighborhood for insects and rodents.
How To Remove Mold and Mildew
A simple guide to removing mold and mildew from canvas, tents, and awnings.
Choosing the Right Tires for Your RV
Choosing the right RV tires depends on understanding its weight limits and distribution. RV tires are the most vulnerable component of RV safety. RV weight determines the right size RV tires.
Canvas Camping Tents
Shopping for a new canvas tent? Product reviews and price comparisons of popular makes and models of canvas camping tents.
The Best Camping Spots in Lake Tahoe
From South Lake Tahoe campgrounds to beach camping and mountain campgrounds, this is your complete guide to the best camping, biking, and boating in Lake Tahoe.
Buy Cheap Camping Equipment Online
Looking for a deal on discount camping equipment? Shop for cheap camping gear at one of our favorite online outdoor retailers.
Is there a web site to get a blue book for used...
Is there a web site to get a blue book for used campers?
Florida Camping Reviews
A guide to camping destinations in Florida, with campground reviews for state parks, national parks and forests, and private campgrounds and RV parks.
Profile of REI's product line of outdoor gear, policies, and guarantees.
The Best Places to Go Camping (Top Spots List)
The best places to go camping offer opportunities for outdoor adventure, solitude and nature. These are the top spots for camping and the great outdoors.
RV Living Tips: Living Small
Adjusting to the small space in your RV can be time-consuming, costly, and wasteful. Here are some RV living tips for scaled-down living and cost-effective budgeting for those new to the full-time RVing lifestyle.
Backpacking for Beginners
You may be wondering what is backpacking. If you love the outdoors and camping, then you will want to learn how to go backpacking. Get started with advice on how to pack, where to go, what gear you'll need and backpacking safety and ethics.
Cheesy Potatoes
A camping recipe from Vickie. I found this recipe mixed in with some I found at my grandmother's house. I have no idea where she got it; but it is good.
Creek Ridge Camping, Hot Springs, North Carolina
Campground Review - Creek Ridge Camping, Hot Springs, North Carolina
Napa Valley Guide to Camping, the Great...
The Napa Valley in California isn’t just for wine lovers and luxury travellers. There are great camping options and opportunities for outdoor adventure.
Wonder Wash
Product review - Wonder Wash, from The Laundry Alternative, is a portable laundry machine that is perfect for washing clothes at the campground.
Dutch Oven Camping Fruit Cobbler Recipe
A camping dutch oven fruit cobbler recipe is easy and delicious for a campground desert. This favorite recipe was shared by the Mad Chef of the Forest.
Taco Soup
Taco Soup - a camping recipe from Marilyn. I make this ahead and freeze it in a Ziploc bag and just warm it when it thaws. I keep all my frozen meals together in a cooler and warm the ones that thaw first.
How to Take your Girlfriend Camping
If you love camping, you probably want to share the experience with your closest companions. Learn how to take your girlfriend camping and enjoy the great outdoors.
Your RVing Home Base
Reasons for establishing an RV home base. Full-time RVers need to have a permanent home base of residency. Choosing a permanent RVers home base takes careful planning. What does it take to establish an RV residence or home base?
Mountain Man Breakfast
A camping recipe from Mountain Man. At the campground, prepare this recipe in a Dutch oven, then slice and serve it like quiche. But it is better when prepared in your kitchen oven. Just mix it up and place in a large flat glass baking dish and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. It is really good and hardy, and you will absolutely get rave reviews.
Where To Camp
Camping for Beginners: Lesson 2 - finding a place to go camping
Camp Food Recipes That Your Kids Will Love
Parents sent in these recipes of their kids favorite camp foods. Try these popular camping recipes for kids.
Dump Cake
A camping recipe from David. You'll be making new friends at the campground, when fellow campers walk past your campsite and get a whiff of this dessert.
RVers Job Opportunities
RVers can find remote work opportunities from many of the same sources that work-at-home contractors and employees do. Here are some tips on avoiding home worker scams and finding legitimate work at home jobs, staying cool with the IRS and setting yourself free from the confines of a fixed office.
Campground Reviews
A clickable image map of the USA to states with campground reviews that were sent in by visitors to the camping site.
Common Mistakes Of New Campers
Examples of common mistakes that new campers make at the campground.
Apple Crisp
A camping recipe from Sheryl. Highly adaptable recipe. Good for dessert as well as breakfast.
Michigan Campground Reviews
A guide to camping destinations in Michigan, with campground reviews for state parks, national parks and forests, and private campgrounds and RV parks.
Best Leatherman Multi-Tools
Leatherman is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality multi-tools, pocket tools and knives, which are perfect for outdoors and camping. Here are the 10 best multi-tools for camping.
Tips for Camping With Dogs
Your dog probably loves camping and the great outdoors as much as you do. If you plan to take your best friend on your next camping trip, make sure you plan ahead so everyone has a good time. Consider these tips and advice for camping with your dogs, so that you and your pooch are prepared for dog camping success.
Chicken and Dumplings
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy one pot meal.
Backpacking Checklist - How to Pack Your...
Want to learn how to pack your backpack for your next backcountry camping trip? We have you covered with this backpacking checklist.
How can I keep ice from melting for as long as...
How can I keep ice from melting for as long as possible?
Taking Showers At The Campground
Checklist and tips for taking showers at the campground.
Camping Basics - How to Set Up a Campsite
Camping Basics - how to set up a campsite - tips for preparing a campsite
Camping Recipes: Preparation: Foil Wrapped...
A list of camping recipes for complete meals that are prepared using foil wrap.
Get Started Dutch Oven Cooking
Want to try dutch oven cooking at the campground? Here are a few tips and essential tools for dutch oven cooking -- because everything tastes better cooked on the campfire and under the stars.
Indian Creek Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina
Photo of Indian Creek Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina. This gallery features photos taken by campers of campground scenes, their campsite or cooking area, their RV or tent, or anything about their camping trip. All campers are welcome to submit their camping photos. Page 27.
RV Checklists
RV checklists help you start your RV trip safely. Use RV checklists to secure your RV for trips, inspect your RV before purchase or rental, and for setting up and leaving your campground.
Why Go Camping?
There are many valid reasons for escaping the routines of ordinary life, and camping facilitates that escape for many of us.
Pot Roast
Pot Roast, a camping recipe from David. This dish is slow cooked in a Dutch oven. The meat comes out juicy and fork-tender.
Make a Camping First Aid Kit
If you love to spend time camping in the great outdoors, you should be prepared for emergencies. Here is a complete first aid kit checklist for campers.
How To Start a Campfire
Easy steps to get a cozy fire going at the campsite.
7 Gorgeous Spots for Fall Colors
Fall color reflection in Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is a top spot for viewing fall foliage.
Dutch Oven Biscuits
A camping recipe from David. Fill the campground with the smell of hot biscuits from the oven.
Should I put a ground cover down under the tent?
Should I put a ground cover down under the tent?
Baking At The Campground With Dutch Ovens
Whatever you can bake at home in a conventional oven, you can bake at the campground in a Dutch oven.
Beef Stew
A camping recipe from Karen Henton. I made up this recipe while camping at Guntersville Lake Campground, a place my husband and I visit twice a year. I always take my Dutch oven along. We love the beefstew. I keep my Dutch oven greased in between cookings to keep it from rusting. It also maintains a slick interior, and the stew never sticks to the oven.
Essential Camping Items
What 10 items of camping gear would you put on your checklist? Based on over 2000 survey results, here are what fellow campers consider essential camping gear.
The 10 Most Popular National Parks
Find out the ten most popular national parks by number of annual visitors.
RV Insurance: What Kinds and How Much Coverage...
RV insurance is one of those necessary evils you’ll have to arrange, but there’s more to RV travel insurance than just insuring your RV. There’s road service, travelers health care, air and land ambulance, property, trailer and a host of insurable options.
Coleman Instant Tent Review
The Coleman Instant Tent is an ideal family camping tent for camping road trips. The Instant Tent is easy to set-up and comes in a few sizes to accommodate your group.
Camping Recipes Featuring Chicken
A list of camping recipes that use chicken as a main ingredient.
Driving Your RV
RV driving requires taking many factors into consideration. In this article, I tell you what to know before you take your first trip.
Camping Basics
A series of articles focusing on how to make camping simple and enjoyable.
Campfire Hobo Stew
A camping recipe from S.A. Lee. This is an easy, economical and healthy recipe. We usually set up the ingredients buffet style and then form an assembly line.
Breakfast Recipes for Camping
A list of camping recipes for breakfast.
Setting Up Camp
Camping for Beginners: Lesson 3 - setting up camp
Beanie Weenie Casserole
A camping recipe from Rebecca Bishop. I am a cook at a campsite now and have found this is a big hit whenever I serve it. This recipe can be done on the stove or over a fire.
Thanksgiving Dinner In A Can
A camping recipe from David. Celebrate Thanksgiving at the campground. What could be easier than opening up a can and heating the contents or throwing some foil packs on the grill? Check out these menu choices for an easy Thanksgiving dinner in a can.
What They Don't Tell You About Camping
So you're ready for your first camping trip. You've got your checklist, and everything is in order. If only it were that simple. What they don't tell you may surprise you at the campground.
10 Safety Tips for Planning an RV Trip
RV safety tips to help you plan your RV trip. Here are 10 steps you can take using RV safety tips for an enjoyable RV trip.
Where to Go RVing in Winter
Our favorite spots to go RVing in winter have a warm and moderate climate. From the California desert to the Florida coast these are the best destinations for snowbirds.
How to Keep Bugs Away While Camping
If you are going camping, you’ll likely see some insects and bugs. Not all bugs bite, but the ones that do can be a nuisance. Here we have the best ways to keep the bugs away and have an insect-free campout.
Weber Baby Q Gas Grill
Weber Baby Q Gas Grill. Camping. Page 11.
Camping Recipes Featuring Ground Beef
A list of camping recipes that use ground beef as a main ingredient.
Is there any camping on Nantucket Island?
Is there any camping on Nantucket Island?
Guide to WiFi, WLAN, LAN, WAN, 3G, and 4G for...
Are you trying to figure out the best way for you to stay connected while you’re on the road? If you’re confused about the many ways RVers can connect to the Internet, here’s a simple introduction to WiFi, WLAN, 3G, 4G, hotspots, USB hubs and more, with links to more detailed explanations of these technologies.
Why Camping Is a Great Budget Family Vacation
Family vacations on a budget. Take a family of four camping for a week for under $1000. Once you buy the initial camping gear you can take your family on a second vacation for under $400.
Woodall's Campground Guides
National and regional guides to finding private and public campgrounds or RV parks in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
CADAC Safari Chef Portable Camping Grill Review
The CADAC Safari Chef is a versatile portable camping grill with five interchangeable cooking surfaces. We took the Safari Chef to the campground and made a gourmet meal. Here's our review of the barbecue.
Mile High Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina
Campground Review - Mile High Campground, Cherokee, North Carolina
Fry Bread
A camping recipe from David. A cast-iron skillet and a campfire, grill or stove is all you need to make delicious fry bread.
Don't Forget to Pack These Camping Food...
A check list of camping food essentials to make planning your next trip to the campground easier and more efficient.
Georgia Campground Reviews
A guide to camping destinations in Georgia, with campground reviews for state parks, national parks and forests, and private campgrounds and RV parks.
Private Campgrounds and RV Parks
A guide to finding private campground and RV park information on the Internet.
Cream of Chicken and Rice
A camping recipe from Gary Totten. If you are looking for a simple, fast, hot, nutritious, easy clean up, One Pot Meals that tastes great - add this recipe to your camping menu.
Campfire Corn on the Cob
An easy and delicious campfire corn on the cob is the perfect side dish for the campground. Try cooking on the campfire or the barbecued corn variation.
Learn to Make Boatin' Hillbilly Trash Breakfast
A camping recipe from Pat Frain. This is so easy to make, and you can add whatever you want, and clean up is easy. I made this up last summer and the marina that we keep our boat at and my other boating friends just love it.
Camping Recipes - Side Dishes
A list of camping recipes for side dishes.
Foil Wrapped Recipes for Camping - Easy...
A list of camping recipes prepared using foil wrap.
Car Camping Primer
Advice and resources for planning a camping trip.
How to Sleep Better at the Campground
Rest easy and get a good night's rest while camping with these tips, advice and sleep secrets for campers. Here's how to sleep better while camping.
Redwood National Park, California
Home to the tallest trees on earth, Redwood National Park in California is a top national park getaway for outdoors lovers and campers.
Electrical Safety Tips for RVers
Find out what “hot skin” is and how to protect your family from this potentially lethal danger related to RVing.
Camping Basics - More About Bedding
Camping Basics - more about bedding - alternatives to sleeping on the hard ground.
National Forest Campgrounds
A guide to finding national forest campgrounds managed by the US Forest Service.
Death Valley National Park - A National Park...
Death Valley is a national park of extremes. The below sea level basin is a land of record summer heat, snowy winter peaks, spring wildflowers and a diverse wildlife. Despite it's morbid name, the national park is a top destination for outdoor recreation and seasonal camping.
Where can I get information on starting a...
Where can I get information on starting a campground?
A Guide to Camping Ice Chests and Coolers
A guide to different types of the best ice chests and coolers to use when camping in the great outdoors. And tips and advice on how to keep the ice cold.
How to Plan a Camping Road Trip
Plan a successful camping road trip with a few tips and advice form our camping experts. Hit the open road with confidence.
7 Camping Luxury Items (That You Don’t...
You don't need much to go camping, but the truth is, even the most dedicated campers -- even minimalists -- like to have camping luxuries. Here are five items you might want to consider leaving at home, and one item you definitely do-not-need.
Homemade Chili
A camping recipe from David. This is almost how my mom made chili when I was growing up. The only difference with this recipe is that I can no longer get Frank's Chili Powder, which used cinnamon, so I add some to the pot along with my chili powder. This recipe can be ready to eat in an hour, but its better if you can let it simmer for a couple.
Camping Recipes: Course: Lunch
A list of camping recipes for lunch.
November Events in the National Parks
Visit a national park this November and join a ranger-led walk and talk at the historic San Francisco waterfront, or join a family fun day with arts and crafts at Thomas Edison National Historical Park.
Camping in Whitefish, Montana and Glacier...
Whitefish, Montana is an outdoor adventure portal and a camping destination located just 30 minutes from Glacier National Park's west entrance.

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