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Cold Springs Camp Resort

User Rating 2.5 out of 5
5 out of 5 5 out of 5
First class camping !!June 13, 2013 By Boyden83
This camp resort has everything you need for your family to have a great time.We love to bring are golf cart there because of the nice paved roads.There are lots of beautiful seasonal sites to look at while cruising around.I like that the adults have their own pool and kids do too.people are friendly and always ready for a good time !!!!
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
We Would Never go back.August 08, 2012 By kljmwatts
My family went to Cold Springs in August 2012 for three nights and four days. We had heard it was a decent campground and thought we would try it out. From when we pulled in we were surprised at how commercialized the establishment was. Upon check in we felt no warm and fuzzies, no one told us to enjoy our stay. The longer we were there we became more and more shocked at the way the campground was run and how unfriendly everyone there was. This campground consists of mostly seasonal camp sites. Everyone on those sites has golf carts and they go very fast and drive back and forth constantly at a very high rate of speed. We did not feel safe letting our kids ride thier bikes without us or even crossing the street to go to our friends campsite as the traffic of the golf carts was so high. The people who worked there did not seem concerned that a golf cart was going much faster than 10 miles an hour and had open containers of alcohol while doing so. ( While speeding past my 2 year old.) Also, the web site states that they have five family friendly pools. This is not the case. They have two pools for ages five and up, one adult only pool ages 21 and up and one any age pool. They also have a 2ft kiddie pool that is the size of a hot tub. So, my children ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 were allowed to use one pool and the tiny kiddie pool. It would have been nice to know that we would have been as restricted as we were. We were with friends who had children who were of age and our children could not go into the same pools as they could. I had to laugh at the other persons review of the man putting out their fire! We had a similar experience our last night there. Just before 11pm there was a small group of us still up and we put one more log on the fire and agreed we should all go to bed for midnight. There were coals left in our fire a little later and we were all getting ready to say our good nights when a golf cart stops in front of our site. Two men were on it and one walked over and stated, "" you might want to move your chairs."" We were all a bit confused and one person actually offered a "" hello?"" to him. He proceeded to hose out the fire and say "" good morning, it's a new day."" He walked away and drove off. We looked at the clock and it was 11:55. In my opinion a normal person would have approached us and said something like "" Good evening. It's almost midnight so we need to put out your fire."" They would not even talk to us!!!! I could honestly go on and on about how awful and unfriendly this place was
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
stuffy placeAugust 06, 2012 By omg12345
We went and took our grand daughter-place is beautiful! Very confusing when your trying to check in at the gate while tons of kids and adults are leaving and coming to the pool which is right at the security gate checkin-bad set up someone is going to get killed there. Stuffy seasonals!
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Best Place I've Ever BeenApril 29, 2011 By Annie98
This place is excellent. The people are all so amazing and laid-back, and they have dances every friday night that are more intended for teens, and bands, dances, and occasionally comedy on saturdays based for adults. they have lots of fun events for all ages, crafts for kids, candy bar bingo and regular bingo, their own version of ""Let's Make A Deal,"" a yearly pig roast, even their own trick-or-treat each year... etc. They also have three family pools, a hot tub, a kiddie pool, and an adult pool nearby. All are heated and there's a lifegaurd. I'm seasonal at this place, and so I know many of the other seasonals and I'm shoked to hear the person with the bad review. With the exception of a few people (who mostly got kicked out) everyone is very nice and always willing to help out with anything, always having campfires and inviting everyone. The atmosphere is so much fun and very laid-back, an excellent place for the family. Definately recommended.
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
laborday weekend 2010September 07, 2010 By springdale32
We heard great things about this campground and decided to find out for ourselves. We were very impressed from the moment we arrived. The employees and other campers were very helpful and friendly. they have beautiful landscaping and heated pools and had pool side music while we were their. , very nice. Thair are rules and i think the other person that posted a negative review is probably a rule breaker and theirfore may not have a enjoyable stay. Their are other campgrounds he would fit right in with. We are definately looking into becoming a seasonal camper at Cold Springs and would love to have our kids grow up their.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
NEVER WILL GO BACKAugust 08, 2010 By dylroo
I have 5 children and this looked like a great place to bring them. Boy, was I wrong. You are made to feel like you are trespassing and that you are an inconvenience to the staff. No one is friendly, the staff are all rude and stuffy (they are all Seasonals there, thus the attitude. My daughter and i went down to the pool one morning around 11 AM one Hot morning. We selected a lounge chair by a sun umbrella, that had yet to be put up, so I went about putting it up and then sat down to relax....all of the sudden I hear very gruffly, ""How in the world did you just put that up???"" I looked around and a staffer was marching toward me shaking his head, disgusted that I had not put it up properly....he fixed it, huffed and left...I was so embarrassed. He did a few other snide things during the week and I eventually stopped going to the pool. If you are a seasonal, you are treated well, if not.....DON'T GO. My children were all playing frisbee in a field by our site and it landed on a ""seasonal's"" woodpile....they were really mean to my kids and so my kids stopped playing. OH, AND THE PLACE IS INFESTED WITH POISON IVY! One last example...the main pavilion has 4 dartboard's and is always a busy place to be..We went in and asked to rent some darts and they don't have them...you have to bring your own???? Again, catering to seasonals..... Hate the place, couldn't wait for week to be over...Customer Service training would do wonders!
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Worst campsite ever- rude peopleAugust 04, 2009 By Love_camping
The employees there were so rude! I could not believe how they treat their customers. One night it was a little past midnight and we still had a SMALL fire going. We were be quiet and not disturbing anyone. but the security came and with a bucket of water put out our fire. and as they put the fire out they rudely said 'good morning' and then left. the campsites for campers and pop-ups were like parking spots. we couldn't even have a fire because there wasn't enough room for a small pop-up and a fire pit! In all we had seven cabins and three campsites. they told us that two of the campsites were across from the cabins and one of the campsites was down a few sites.. well they also forgot to say that to get to the cabins from the campsites you had to walk through the swampy woods. overall they were just rude and disrespectful. i will NEVER ever tell anyone to go camping there!
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Cold springs resort, anything but family friendlyMarch 29, 2009 By crazy4buffett
The one good thing that can be said for this camp resort is that it is clean and well kept. Unfortunatly is run by rude, greedy people who care nothing for the people who visit. The camp will charge you for everything possible. From the moment we pulled into this resort we were treated as if we were not welcome. The gentleman (and I use the term lightly) at the front gate checked our car to be sure we had no extra passengers. Shortly after checking in, We took the kids to play in the play area. After a few short minutes, the employees at the front gate began to yell at the children to get off of the playground structures. They than told them that they could play vollyball only if they did not touch the net. My children could not figure out how to do this without touching it and gave up. The pool staff continually yelled at children for various violation of the extensive list of rules. We camped with another family on two sites. When our camp site was washed away and flooded, our vehicle had to be pulled out of the site by a large bull dozer and the road had to be filled in with sand in order to get the rest of our gear out. ( we are told this happens often)The owner never checked to see that everyone was safe. We were than given the option to share one site with our friends. We had paid for two but were told if we did not like it we could leave. I will not retun to this place again and believe that it was a horrible way to be treated.
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