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Fun Valley

User Rating 4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Amazing and Wonderful!!!!June 27, 2011 By M.Shepard
I would recommend anyone go to Fun Valley! There is something fun for every age group. The whole place is clean and I have never seen a rude person there. Plenty of employees watching and making sure you and your family are safe and having a great time. We have not been there in a couple of years, but I am so ready to go back and spend a few days...we have taken our tents and motorhome and the cabins are beautiful! It is also just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Hot Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs. If you want to have wonderful family fun please go!!!!
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
CampgroundApril 06, 2010 By pjhair
My parents worked at Fun Valley as ""Park Wranglers"" in the summer of 1972, I believe. What a fantastic wonderland for me (I was 6 years old) to play in. We have been back many times over the years for vacations and family events. It has changed alot since then. It is a very friendly place for families and tourists. My only complaint is that they need more cabins to rent for us that do not own campers. Some things looked a little worn last time we were there, but it is still a fabulous place to vacation. We even recognized a woman working in the restaurant who was from our hometown! Happy Camping
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
Fun Valley TraditionMay 26, 2009 By JoshWoods
My parents started taking my sister and I to Fun Valley in 1990 I believe. We have gone there almost every year since. Fun Valley is a beautiful valley just outside South Fork Colorado, it is owned by the Henson ( i think Mac and Gene) family. Rvs , tents, and cabins are all aval including access to motel rooms. My family always gets the Big Cabin at the back of the resort which is a beautiful 2 story 5 bedroom cabin with fireplace and privacy. I take my wife and kids to Fun Valley now along with my parents cousins and anyone else in the family that wants to go. This tradition will stay for generations to come
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
FUN VALLEY - BEST KEPT SECRET IN SOUTH FORK, COMarch 01, 2009 By mkschindler
We have been going as a family since 1997. We took our children for the first time when they were ages 8 and 10. To date, every summer vacation has been at FUN VALLEY because the boys just will not go any other place. They have made friends from different states and they always come at the same time every year. We've met adults that have been coming for years and bringing their children and now their children are bringing their children. Believe me, it's a memory making place. It's rustic and truly for those who love the outdoors. Ducks are on every pond. The campground is gated and a place you can take your children no matter what age and not have to worry about them. The children feel like they are on their own. There's a tram that continuously makes it rounds all day long picking guests up and dropping them off where ever you want to go inside the campground. The children ride for fun, or you can ride it to the restaurant, gameroom, laundry room, grocery store, fishing hole, dance hall, church or take your tube down to the river. They have putt-putt golf, horseshoes, ladder golf, pool tables, video games, basketball court, paddle boats, gift shop, horseback riding, golf trips, and guaranteed catch pond. They stock the ponds weekly with trout. There are several large lakes nearby. The restaurant and snack bar have the best food and the staff is so so nice. They serve breakfast, lunch and supper. It's all you can eat. The hamburgers and ice cream at the snack shack are a must. It usually rains lightly in the p.m. but it is just beautiful almost all the time. South Fork has a logger festival and Creede is a small town not too far away that you shouldn't miss. You can get a Jeep in Lake City and do a day trip in the mountains. Pagosa Springs isn't too far and real nice to visit. You can rent 4-wheelers in Pagosa Springs or fly in a hot air balloon. If you want a longer drive...Durango, Silverton and Ouray are places you shouldn't miss if you have time. Heading up towards the Royal Gorge, you can river raft. Creede also has rafting, but it's not wild and crazy like the Royal Gorge rafting. There's a drive-in movie theater that's driving distance too. But ... most the time we just stay at FUN VALLEY. We've been coming for over 12 years and we've been around the area. If it's your first time to FUN VALLEY and you just want to get there and kick back, that will be enough. There's no reason to leave. We drive 16 hours to get there pulling an RV from Tomball, TX. We usually stay two weeks. They have a hotel, cabins, trailers to rent and plenty of RV and tent campsites. It's first come, first serve and there are so many ponds...you can almost always get a spot on the water if that's what you like. We can't say enough about this perfect place in the mountains. Our boys are now 20 and 22 years old and they can't wait until they have kids so they can bring them to the place they've enjoyed most of their lives. It's one awesome place that you shouldn't miss. In 2007, we saw double rainbows right over FUN VALLEY. What more can I say, see it for yourself.
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