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Westport Beach RV and Camping

User Rating 3 out of 5
5 out of 5 5 out of 5
December 01, 2009 By RCRuby
We have camped at Westport for many years, our kids have enjoyed this beach many times. We recently have made three trips in the last couple of months to visit, we were pleased to see that it is still a great place to relax. We have heard it can get very busy during the summer months. We like to take advantage of the off seasons. It is now a KOA campground, the new management is making improvements and have been friendly each time.
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So much for new management....September 17, 2009 By kamperkatie
I used to love camping here, now I go to Pomo or McKerricher instead. Too many drunks, too many people coming in at all hours of the night waking everyone up, dogs running loose pooping in all the campsites and tearing into your food and garbage. The ""absentee owners"" should have stayed absentee. There's some guy that calls himself the owner that drives around yelling at everyone all puffed up(I think his name is Chris?). His own employee told us he actually only owns 2 percent of it. What a joke, take your picnic table and go home.
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Westport Beach CampingJune 16, 2009 By xmacbun
We go there to meet family and friends. If there were another location that had the views we'd go! The employees there are rude and in their own words ""acommodation is not in my vocabulary"". I kid you not!! They charge extra for showers and anything else they can. I have been to other campgrounds and every thing is included, even showers!!
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Under new managementMay 07, 2009 By cpede
As absentee owners we were unaware of the many problems described on the reviews with management. We have changed management, joined KOA, and can promise you will not be able to make any request to managment they will not gladly accomodate. We have sites on a creek under the trees, sites on grass, on grass under trees, next to the beach and on the beach where you couldn't hit the next camper with a rock if you tried. We deeply regret any negative experiences that campers have had, especially knowing each one is trying to enjoy a special time with friends and family. signed new management
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