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Bear Run Campground, Portersville, Pennsylvania

Reader Reviews: Campgrounds

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By shanbel

Campground Reviews from Fellow Campers

Campground name: 

Bear Run Campground

Date of visit (mo/yr): 

May 2010

Location (city/state): 

Portersville, Pennsylvania

My Review 

Our family camped at Bear Run over the Memorial Day weekend. While we were camping, the campers next to us had too much to drink and were continuing to be very loud at three in the morning. After politely asking them to keep it down (our two year had yet to get to sleep), we contacted security. The teenager they hire for security came down and asked them to keep it down. While he was there, the group threw full beer cans at our family. They were not asked to leave. We were promised a refund from the owner, Steve, which we have not yet received. While the owner was there, his golf cart was stolen. Overall, this facility has a lot to offer. However, until they become better adept at handling campers who have had too much to drink, I would not recommend this campground to families.

How did you camp? 


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Pros and cons? 

I liked the proximity to the state parks. I do not like the fact that alcohol is permitted without appropriate security.

Nearby attractions? 

Moraine and McConnell's Mill state parks are nearby that offer numerous biking and hiking trails.

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