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Lake Hasty Campground, John Martin Reservoir State Park, Hasty, Colorado

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User Rating 4 Star Rating

By scifimama

Lake Hasty Campground, John Martin Reservoir State Park, Hasty, Colorado

John Martin Reservoir.

Campground Reviews from Fellow Campers

Campground name: 

Lake Hasty Campground

Date of visit (mo/yr): 

May 2009

Location (city/state): 

John Martin Reservoir State Park, Hasty, Colorado

My Review 

This campground was a really pleasant surprise. After years of mountain camping, my husband begged me for someplace lower where it wouldn't freeze overnight in late May. So we decided to head south, east and down from Colorado Springs onto the Plains, East of Pueblo, CO. We knew we wanted to visit Bent's Old Fort, do some fishing and have some kid-friendly on-site relaxation. We got a large, open site right next to the playground. (Reserved online). Our kids were in hog heaven with unlimited playtime right near our site! The entire campground (next to the spillway and the well stocked Lake Hasty) was flat and open with lots of tall evenly spaced planted shade trees. Thank you Army Corp of Engineers! The bathrooms/shower houses were large and clean. While in the area we visited Bent's Old Fort (awesome), the tiny local grocers (if you need something other than eggs and milk - bring it with you!) and hiked, waded and walked around the beautiful reservoirs. For being way out on the plains, there were lots of trees, lots of animals and plenty to see! On the way home we stopped at the Sand Creek Massacre National Monument. The National Park Service just recently acquired this National Monument and the area was in the works -- way out in the middle of nowhere, hot as heck, but the park ranger seemed very pleased to see us and gave us bottled water, pamphlets and lots of rattlesnake warnings!

How did you camp? 


How did you find out about this campground? 

Colorado State Parks Web site.

Pros and cons? 

Pros: Family friendly. Large, clean shower/bathroom facilities. Playground. Great fishing. Lots of wildlife. Nice sites, plenty of shade.

Cons: Remote. Big flat open rectangle - no privacy. Snakes in the grass.

Nearby attractions? 

Nothing is super close by. Lots of birdwatching. Bent's Fort isn't a long drive. Fishing and boating on the reservoir.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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