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Ponderosa Pines Campground, Honesdale, Pennsylvania

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By Joannad6

Campground Reviews from Fellow Campers

Campground name: 

Ponderosa Pines Campground

Date of visit (mo/yr): 

July 2010

Location (city/state): 

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

My Review 

This place looked and sounded great on the computer. After driving three and a half hours with 3 of my own children and 2 other families, we pulled into Ponderosa Pines to find a run down super mini miniature golf course, small rundown pool, and playground that is exactly what you see on the computer and nothing more.

What is worse than that, when we go to check in we found out our sites were moved and separated since the "tornado" they had the week prior made our original sites mushy wet and unkept. Forget the fact we called in the morning to confirm and were told nothing of the change and when we questioned that, Fran, the owner told us that is not her obligation to tell us. She was rude and nasty and would not refund our money. We ate the refund and found a better campsite five minutes down the road.

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Pros and cons? 

Cons: Nasty owner, wet campsites, not accommodating.

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