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Shelburne Camping Area, Shelburne, Vermont

Reader Reviews: Campgrounds

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By Ben & Eileen Dover

Campground Reviews from Fellow Campers

Campground name: 

Shelburne Camping Area

Date of visit (mo/yr): 

July 2010

Location (city/state): 

Shelburne, Vermont

My Review 

This campground has gone way downhill. It used to be a nice friendly, quiet place that made one feel welcome. Now unless you have a new, diesel 40-foot motorcoach, you are low class. "We are trying to clean up" is what they say, however truth is they want to be "exclusive to only upperclass clients." No blue tarps, they "dont want to be seen as post Katrina!" "Blue tarps are low class." You will be asked to leave with no refund, if you violate the blue tarp rule. Bath house is falling apart, laundry a joke, $3.00 for a .99 cent can of soup and family employees on constant vigil for infractions they can charge for. Dutch Mill Restaurant is a front, never any cars there because of low health inspections. They cut down healthy trees to sell as firewood, and all visitors must sign in at desk or you pay for their visit. If they don't want to sign in, "they are not the type people we want here." Stay away from the broken plumbing, run down shacks they call cabins. The only thing Shelburne Camping Area has going for it is location, and you pay a premium. One is better off boondocking and saving the money spent here.

How did you camp? 


How did you find out about this campground? 

Live in Vermont.

Pros and cons? 

Pros: location.

Cons: everything else.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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