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Wild Oaks Campground, Lebanon, Missouri

Reader Reviews: Campgrounds

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By sandy

Campground Reviews from Fellow Campers

Campground name: 

Wild Oaks Campground

Date of visit (mo/yr): 

July 2010

Location (city/state): 

Lebanon, Missouri

My Review 

I stayed here before, not as welcoming as the past. Buildings now look like the state's highway department instead of a campground. Not as quiet and peaceful at night, more of a wild crowd. Bathrooms were dirty, and it was hot and smelled of the dog pen behing the shower house.

How did you camp? 


How did you find out about this campground? 

I had been there before under different owners.

Pros and cons? 

Noisy, no quiet time.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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