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Submit an Entry: Do You Have A Camping Blog?

By familycampman


Life is good - bring the kids camping.

Name of Your Camping Blog

Family and Camping - The FamilyCampman.com Camping Blog

What do you write about in your camping blog?

In FamilyCampman.com, I write about my personal camping knowledge, provide campground and gear reviews, as well as my own tips and tricks when it comes to helping folks enjoy the outdoors.

What gave you the idea to start a camping blog?

I started my blog when I started camping again after a long absence. I've dedicated this blog to spreading the word about camping and the outdoors to my family and anyone else who is new to the outdoors.


  • Don't be afraid - camping is great.
  • Be organized - don't just try to wing it, use a checklist.
  • Bring the kids - kids love camping and it's more fun with them.
  • Put the tent up ahead of time - don't want to be learning it in the dark or worse, the rain.
  • Bring a camera - camping provides for great family and scenic photos. It will extend the trip.

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