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Readers Respond: Share your favorite winter camping destinations.

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From the article: 9 Tips for Winter Camping
Dedicated campers don't pack away their gear just because it's winter and cold outdoors. Do you have a favorite spot to escape from winter? Is your winter getaway a warm weather destination or do you love snow camping? Tell us the best destinations for winter sun and cold weather camping. Your Winter Escape

down south mississippi

golf, flea markets, casino's fishing, great place to spend the winter, QUAIL RIDGE RV PARK, WIGGINS, MISSISSIPPI

Slaughterhouse Gultch, CO

It's like a 11.5 mile 4 wheel drive trail.. Densely wooded, not too technical as far as the wheeling is concerned. It's not too far from the house (about a 30 minute drive) Great bars and breakfast places not far from the trail head in a little mountain town. Gets me out in the winter to wheel and tent camp. I dig it. The challenge of winter camping makes it a lot of fun. You have to be more focused on tasks and what you're going to need next.
—Guest Geolander22

Me too for Death Valley

Death Valley is wonderful in winter for those of us who want to get away from frigid temps at home. Be sure to check the weather before going to avoid cold snaps and/or high winds.
—Guest renotahoe@aboutguide.com

Lake Shasta and Surrounding area

Winter Camping in the Shasta region of North-Eastern California is not to be missed. With snowfall, Mt Shasta, and the artificial Lake, it's a beautiful view wherever you look. There is lots to do in the area, skiing (cross country and alping), and hiking, but I prefer snuggling by the campfire with a good book and a cup of something warm. The air is so fresh and crisp in that area. Make it out there this season. Trust me!

Val Vista Resort

We love Val Vista Resort in Mesa, AZ. So much to do, great winter weather and so many great people.
—Guest Vincent Pugliese

Wales West RV Resort Silverhill, AL

Fantastic smaller campground with very accommodating hosts. Small scale railroad runs around the park and they go all out decorating for holidays. We have been wintering here for 4 years and love it. 30 minutes to the Gulf.

Death Valley

I love the warmer temperatures in Death Valley National Park during winter. And it's too hot to visit the park during the summer, so it's the perfect time of year for desert camping!

Your Winter Escape

Share your favorite winter camping destinations.

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