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Readers Respond: Share your favorite camping luxury item that you won't leave home without.

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Camping luxuries are for the campers who want to be extra comfortable, but even the most dedicated campers -- even minimalists -- like to have camping luxuries. What is important to one camper may be insignificant to another. What is your one luxury item you won't go camping without? Tell us about it. Favorite Camping Luxury


tent, air bed, kids, cooking things and of course money to camp.
—Guest sherry


My jungle hammock off the ground away from bugs and snakes with a canvas canopy and side screens to keep out mosquitoes.
—Guest capnDave

Camping Luxury

By far, my favorite camping luxury is my battery operated fan. It uses 8 D cell batteries that will last about 3 nights on low speed. I don't ask for much, a tent, a comfy bed, and my fan.
—Guest Tina Couturier

Squat Strap

Thanks Kelly for the post on Squat Strap-I bought one and used it yesterday...what a Great idea! Helped me so much as I fell a couple weeks back and bruised knees, ribs, hand...this invention is a life saver.
—Guest Murphy Gibson

Java Press & Great Coffee

My camping luxury item is a coffee press with expensive ground coffee. Nothing like a great cup of hot coffee when you are sitting alone under the stars or watching the sun rise miles from anyone. I always make room in my pack for the press and the coffee.
—Guest Pathfinder

Squat Strap

Actually I bought the product for my mom who for when we go hiking and she loves it. She says it helps her "do the duty" easier and then here knees don't hurt. Might be good for seniors.
—Guest Kelly Chambers

My Chair

Would never go camping without my folding lawn chair. I particularly enjoy sitting outside in the morning for a while before I start my day !
—Guest Terry Hersperger


I hate being without a fan, but if I am camping where there is no electric :/

Not going without my........

Camper with comfortable beds and air conditioning....no way you can camp in Florida without it.

Favorite camping luxury

In the cooler months, it's the heated mattress pad! Nothing special that I can consider a luxury during the warm months.
—Guest Ronda

Pop up gazebo

I got a pop up gazebo from a fellow camper a few years ago and I flat out refuse to go camping without it. I put it up over the picnic table and I have shade and shelter for cooking and just relaxing? Rain?? Not a problem, I'm nice and dry and NOT stuck in the tent.
—Guest Daniel R

Favorite Camping Luxury

Share your favorite camping luxury item that you won't leave home without.

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